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Maidentale Is an AU where the monsters of the Underground were servants of  the Royal Family, This AU took place on a Sorrow Realm that contains a HUGE Mansion, Not in the Underground.


A long time ago, Asgore's Family is rich and have a kingdom on the surface, but Asgore's Family slaves humans and starve them, But Asgore was the complete opposite, he is Humble, kind and Joyful. Humans angered towards them and raided their palace, Asgore, was a child that time, was nearly killed,but was saved by Toriel. After humans attacked them some servants survived and his parents died. He was traumatized and lost hope, until he suddenly entered a realm with nothing but a huge mansion. That Realm can be only entered when you rest beside a bush of white roses with hopes lost and got extremely sad. Asgore's Kingdom was full of bushes of white roses, so most of the survivors rest in there and entered that realm. After the survivors entered to the Sorrow Realm, Asgore ruled over that Mansion in the Realm and the survivors kept their jobs as servants. Overtime, monsters where born in that realm without any down moments in their life.

Asgore married a servant woman ,Toriel, and had a son Asriel, Asriel's clothing is more of a prince than classic Asriel, and so as Chara, Chara(Male or Female) was a abandoned, broken, girl/boy who was lost and rest near a bush of white roses. Asriel somehow found him/her and brought him/her to his Parents. Asgore was frighten at first, but he is a forgiving man so overtime he treated Chara as his own Daughter/Son.

The Sorrow Realm can be escaped easily, by going through an exit, Asgore is just too afraid to go and wouldn't let his servants go cause he doesn't want to be alone. But people are desperate to be free. Chara thought Asgore's choice is selfish because people are eager to go out but can't because of a person's sake. Chara is a Broken child, he/she is between Good and Evil, so he/she attempted to kill Asgore, with the help of Asriel, Asriel didn't know Chara was targeting his Father, all he/she said was to distract Toriel no matter what. Chara attacked the king, but Asgore accidentally killed Chara first. Asgore losed his mind and ran away in Fear. Asriel found Chara dead and absorbed her/his SOUL. Asriel carried Chara past the whole mansion towards where he found His/her, but strangely, when Asriel Absorbed the SOUL he looks way different from he was before. He was mistaken a murderer who killed the prince/princess (Chara) , they attacked him and possibly killed him. After Asgore knew he lost both of his children he went crazy and became a Angry to anyone, even towards his wife. Asgore lost the rest of his emotions leaving Sadness, Fear and Anger. Asgore may comeback to his old self by his family coming back.

Years past and there are couple of humans were teleported into that realm and was possibly killed, Asgore has no intentions with their SOULs so he rather secretly giving them away like a gift, his wife found out his terrible doing and divorced with him, she now lives in the very end of the mansion was the first Kitchen, kitchens on that mansion are big so its considered a house,  near the Gardens(Ruins)  where she can't get close to Asgore what so ever.

About the Sorrow Realm

The Sorrow Realm was made for the poor. It contains a Mansion, a huge house with many rooms in it. Creatures who enters there are sorrowful and hopeless. The only way to enter that realm is to rest near white rose bushes with a hopeless, sorrowful soul.White Roses symbolize everlasting Love, Giving a home to the poor is giving Love. It only contains one huge house because in that way, They can get along and be a Family, even if they're not related. Going out in that realm is simply going on an exit back to the Human World, until Asgore came, he doesn't want to be alone and doesn't want to go back either, that's why he forbid his servants to go out.

Character Roles

All of the Characters that cooks like Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton and Undyne Their houses are just kitchens that are big enough to be a house.

  • Frisk(boy or girl) is a lost, poor girl/boy who got inside the magical realm. I portray Frisk as a 16 yr. old boy/girl
  • Toriel is the Caretaker of the Gardens (which I renamed the Ruins). Toriel gaves Frisk a maiden clothing because Frisk was found wearing a Torn up blue shirt.
  • Flowey is an Arrogant, High self esteem, white rose.
  • Napstablook his traits is similar to the classic one but what is different, is he is one of the performers with Mettaton Occasionally. (Only performs when told)
  • Sans and Papyrus are Cooks/ Waiters, Sans serve hot dogs while Papyrus serve SPAGHETTI. Their personality never change , like Paps wanted to be a Guard But what is different that Sans is less lazier that the classic Sans,he is also an entertainer on a comedy bar, and His job of selling hot dogs and Fried snow is more successful, Papyrus wanted to be a Security guard because for the same reason, he is a Master chef in this AU
  • Grillby is the CEO of Grillby's, He become rich because he has been a bartender in quite a long time.
  • Monster kid is..... I dunno Frisk's friend?
  • RG 01 and 02 is renamed into SG 01 and 02 (Security Guard)
  • Undyne is a security guard who doubted frisk because she/he is new(even though she/he is just a lost child), and Undyne never sees a new face in a couple of years, thinking that when seeing a new face it's an Intruder. When Frisk befriend her, she will teach frisk how to cook as she also thought she is a newbie maid. Maiden!Undyne's Cooking is way less messier than the classic Undyne. Also instead of using a spear for battle, she uses a pistol with spear-head bullets.
  • Alphys is similar to classic Alphys, What is different that she "Designed" the maiden clothes.
  • Mettaton he doesn't live in one of the kitchens, he is just using it for the show.
  • Muffet She is Not greedy unlike the Classic Muffet Maiden!Muffet is Rich and she avails discounts and free taste, sometimes she left webs saying "give money for donation"
  • Mettaton Ex: He only needs to perform Occasionally, but he wants to be noticed and be the star of everyone, so he performs merely everyday.
  • Asgore is one of the richest Asgores on AUs, And he don't have any intentions for Frisk's soul, he's just a very loving and humble guy who Snapped because he lost his Family, he got so angry so much every stranger that comes near him will die. He is a Humble Guy, he took care of his own big garden happily (Toriel and Asgore took care of separate Gardens, when Toriel divorced to Asgore, she moved herself in the very farthest house in the mansion she could find {Which is a Kitchen outside the Mansion})
  • Asriel is a Prince (and similar to the classic Asriel) I just changed his design to look more of a Prince.
  • Chara is a lost child he/she is a broken, lost child. She/he attempted to kill Asgore. She/he is also a 16 yr. old boy/girl, but when he/she got inside that realm, she/he was 13.

Non-Canon Changes​​​

  • Male and Female Frisk and Chara can exist in the same timeline.
  • Pacifist Timeline Frisk is a girl, Geno Timeline Frisk is a boy
  • Pacifist Timeline Frisk is a boy, Geno Timeline Frisk is a girl
  • Napstablook can turn into Napstabot
  • Papyrus is a Guard
  • Sans and Papyrus works on Grillby's 
  • Chara uses Kitchen knives
  • Asgore kept the SOULs
  • Chara is a maid
  • Frisk is a prince/princess


  • Temmie and Toby are pets.
  • Asgore and Toriel are childhood friends.
  • This AU is made by only one person -_-
  • I worked really hard to make this AU non-Sans-centric
  • This AU is more on Asgore's past.
  • I made a male and female Chara and Frisk for a reason:

There is no unisex maid uniform

  • Asgore's glowing eyes are white instead of orange and blue.
  • As opposed to the red rose that speaks of passionate promises, the meaning of a white rose is in its simplicity and pristine purity. Sometimes called "the flower of light", one of the meanings of white roses is everlasting love - love stronger than death, an eternal love, undying and all sustaining.
  • Maiden means a girl or young unmarried woman; maid. But Maidentale is better than Servanttale.
  • The Sorrow Realm is made to make the resting in white rose bushes thing have a sense.