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Magnumtale is an AU that centers around Chara's resentment towards the royal family after she is banished due to committing a crime that would her deem her worthy of punishment by death.

After monsterkind's humiliating loss to the humans and their being sealed underground, the monsters set up their own monarchy, establishing Asgore as king. Shortly after, Chara falls into the underground, and is adopted by the royal family, eventually coming to view them as her "true family", hence disowning her biological one. A few years later, during a festival to celebrate monsterkind's survival despite their past experiences, Chara lashes out at a member of the royal guard, killing them as a result. Shocked after finding the body of the royal guardsman floating down a river shortly after the festival, Asriel asks Chara about her whereabouts during the event, after which Chara begs him not to tell their parents after admitting to Asriel that she was it's murderer. Unfortunately, Toriel and Asgore have already heard their conversation, and despite Toriel's objections, Chara is put on trial, ultimately being sentenced to banishment by the mercy of Asgore.


Undertale Characters


The seventh human child to fall into the Underground, and the child predicted to be monsterkind's savior.

Personality: Possessing the natural curiosity of a human child, though this comes with intelligence. When it comes down to it, she is more than willing to use violence, and is responsible for killing quite a number of monsters in the Underground.

Prince Asriel Dreemurr

Son of Queen Toriel and King Asgore, and future king of the Underground.

Personality: Very excitable and well-meaning, but will resort to deceit to evade trouble or punishment. Loving towards his family, and still somewhat supportive of Chara even after her banishment.

Chara Dreemurr

Banished adoptive daughter of the King and Queen.

Personality: Cheeky, yet very smart. If threatened, will resort to violence, this even applying to her family, though she's always felt safe around them until her banishment from the kingdom.

Queen Toriel Dreemurr

Wife of King Asgore, mother of Prince Asriel, and queen of the Underground.

Personality: Motherly and nurturing, while being somewhat strict to maintain order. Can be very emotional when it comes to her family or severe situations involving her people.

King Asgore Dreemurr

Husband of Queen Toriel, father of Prince Asriel, king of the Underground, and superior of the Royal Guard.

Personality: Strict (to maintain order), yet loving and gullible. Even so, will stick to the law of the Underground, even if it means he must endure the loss of his family, as shown when he banished Chara from the kingdom.


Elder brother of Papyrus, current royal scientist, and ex-assistant of W.D. Gaster, the former royal scientist.

Personality: A rather intelligent skeleton for his looks. Expresses himself in ways that can come across as harsh and unkind. Easily angered, but very supportive of and loving towards his younger brother, even choosing to become a more hard-working individual just to make him happy.


Younger brother of Sans, and elite member of the Royal Guard.

Personality: Very courageous, and willing to fight to the death to defend his people. Still has a love for spaghetti, and has improved at cooking it, even to the point where it's slightly edible. Ambitious and well-meaning, but no longer reluctant to fight a human or even another monster.

Captain Undyne

Captain of the Royal Guard, and ex-trainer of Papyrus.

Personality: Brash, headstrong, and somewhat arrogant in a way that can seem condescending. Despite her harshness and iron-fist-like nature, she cares much about monsterkind and those she is close to, and is loyal to the king and queen.

Doctor Alphys

Royal Scientist until she was killed in an accident at The Core.

Personality: What one might have called "socially awkward", and was afraid of others' opinion of her. Possessed a love for anime, and was a hard-working student of W.D. Gaster. She was also one of the only ones who knew of Chara's whereabouts after her banishment.

Doctor W.D. Gaster

Ex-Royal Scientist after he was declared missing in the same accident that killed Doctor Alphys.

Personality: TBA

Added Characters

Onesa Harchwald

Banished Royal Guardswoman and lone wizard. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she has a bitter hatred towards the royal family and the royal guard.

Personality: Unknown


Undertale Locations

The Ruins

The initial home for monsterkind until the Underground was expanded upon, and other residential areas were constructed. This is also the area where Frisk begins her journey through the Underground.

Snowdin Forest

A broad forest densely packed with dark brown to black-trunked trees, and covered in ankle-high snow. This area leads into Snowdin Town.

Snowdin Town

A small area of residence built shortly after the monsters made their home in The Ruins. Here is where one of the most visited restaurants in the the Underground is located, that being Grillby's. Snowdin Town is also home to the skeleton brothers Sans and Papyrus.





Alphys' Laboratory


The True Laboratory




New Home


The Judgement Hall



The rest of the story cannot be told yet.