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MV-Tale is an AU heavily tied in with the former OC S.T, as he is the main character and antagonist (for one section of the story). The story itself is separate from MV-Tale, as MV-Tale is simply the entirety of the world in which the story, Origins of S.T (An under development story takes place), takes place. Most of S.T's story can be found on their page on the OC wiki, despite technically not being an OC.



One of five small island-like continents. The first four generations of S.T reside here. It also is the only place in all of the Multiverse to have the anti-magic metal, Gamanium (pardon my cliche). The Race War of MV-Tale originated in Gam.


The continent/country that was home to S.K’s second and third generations. Izlekeh has many magical resources and inhabitants that cannot be found in other continents/countries. Originally ruled by an empire, but after the Race War, said empire was shattered. Izlekeh allied with Bovin in the Race War.


Bovin sustains a large trading relationship with Izlekeh, and had sided with Izlekeh during the Race War (see the Race War section). Bovin led in Military advancements and weapon advancements throughout MV-Tales history, and originally controlled the northern coast of Izlekeh. However, similar to Kaa’a, Bovin lacked in natural resources, so they traded with Izlekeh and Gam.


Kaa’a led in technological advancements compared to the other three countries, however, they lacked many natural resources, unlike their neighbour, Gam. Earlier in the history of MV-Tale, small wars were often fought between Kaa’a and Gam, but any conflict between the two countries diminished during the Race War.

The Underground

During the Race War, Monsters in Gam were driven into the Tunnels, which lead to the Underground, an underground sanctuary for monsters. Gen 7 took place in the Underground, after the Race War. The Underground is important to Gen 7 and 8 S.T.

The Tunnels

Ancient tunnels that stretch for miles underneath the area of Gam and Izlekeh, connecting different areas to each other. Some tunnels lead to the Underground. Most tunnels can be accessed in Izlekeh.

Mt. Ebott

Mt.Ebott is located in Gam, along with Ebott Forest, both of which were not destroyed by Elizabet, unlike nearly all of Gam. Mt. Ebott connects to a tunnel leading to the Underground. Small villages can be found in the forest around Mt.Ebott.

The Ocean

The Ocean has no importance to MV-Tale, but a large part of earlier concepts of MV-Tale took place in MV-Tale

The Desolate Isles

The Desolate Isles are very small islands formerly under the control of a Izlekian empire, but due to the harsh wildlife and strangely aggressive and magical plant-life, it could not be controlled by any continent/country

The Race War

The Race War started four decades before S.T was born, in the year 18IV-II. The Race War has no impact on the S.T storyline, other than the relationships between continents in MV-Tale.

In the year 18IV-I the large amount of Anti-Monster protests to ban monsters from Gam entirely started to generate conflict between the Southeastern half of Gam (the area close to Mt.Ebott and slave labor Gamanium mines) which mainly consisted of monsters and the Northwestern half of Gam which consisted of mainly humans. No official decision was made, but it was clear that the Anti Monster half of Gam was much larger than the Pro Monster side. Many protests for both sides became more and more violent. Kaa’a and Bovin were worried that if a Civil War started in Gam that the supplies Gam supplies them with would diminish. At the time Bovin and Izlekeh were both countries in which Monsters and Humans coexisted together. Izlekeh Monster supporters traveled to Gam, and the violence escalated, starting a Civil War. Slowly more and more monsters from Izlekeh joined the “Civil War” and Gam declared war on Izlekeh. The empire that held rule over all of Izlekeh at the time fought back with equal force. Meanwhile, Kaa’a, which is already extremely Anti-Monster and starting to run out of resources, sides with Gam which is now fully Anti Monster, and any remaining Monsters in Gam were driven Underground or to Izlekeh. Izlekeh starts to fall under the combined forces of Gam and Kaa’a. Bovin now running out of resources knows that it will fall to the forces of the Anti Monster side of the War, and even if it doesn’t get taken over by Gam or Kaa’a it will lose valuable trade from Izlekeg which will become land owned by Kaa’a or Gam. To prevent this, Bovin allies with Izlekeh, officially becoming part of the War. Bovin helps make better weapons out of the magical resources on Izlekeh, driving Gam and Kaa’a’s military out of Izlekeh. Bovin invades the capital of Kaa’a, and successfullay destroys large amounts of the city. Kaa’a is no longer aboe to send forces to Gam, and the Anti Monster supporters are driven out. Kaa’a surrenders shortly after this, and the Race War ends in 18V-I. The empire in Izlekeh breaks, and different kingdoms rule in different parts of the land.

Special Thanks

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