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MRPGTale (or Mario RPGTale) is an AU inspired by Undertoad, but limited to only characters from the Mario RPG series (these being Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars, the Paper Mario games and the Mario & Luigi games), at least for the monsters. The humans are some of the human Mario characters instead.


  • Frisk: Mario
  • Flowey: Dimentio
  • Toriel: Lady Bow & Bootler
  • Ruins Dummy: Lee
  • Napstablook: Vivian
  • Ruins Spider Bake Sale: Igor
  • Sans: Fawful
  • Papyrus: Popple & Prince Peasley
  • Doggo: Boshi
  • Dogamy + Dogaressa: Fearsome 5
  • Lesser Dog: Glitz Pit Yoshi (Gonzales)
  • Greater Dog: PM64 Yoshi leader (Chief)
  • Annoying Dog: Broggy (Annoying Brog)
  • Glyde: Hermie III
  • Snowdrake: Goombario
  • Chilldrake: Goombella
  • Jerry: Kersti
  • Monster Kid: Squirp
  • Snowdin shopkeeper: Ms. Mowz
  • Nice Cream Guy: Howzit
  • Grillby: Bubbles
  • Undyne: Geno/End Boss
  • Shyren: tba
  • Onionsan: King Croacus (Croacus)
  • Mad Dummy: Beldam/Doopliss (Freak Sheet)
  • Gerson: Admiral Bobbery
  • Temmie: Blitty
  • Tem shopkeeper: Brogue Monsieur
  • River Person: Charold
  • Alphys: Francis & TEC-XX
  • Mettaton: TTYD Twomp Quizmaster/Red Koopa Bro/Corporal Paraplonk (Koopaton)
  • Royal Guards 01 + 02: Yold Town bridge guards (Royal Superstars Red & Green)
  • Muffet: Mimi
  • Muffet's pet: Mimi spider form
  • So Sorry: Huey
  • Bratty & Catty: Flimm
  • Burgerpants: Lakilester
  • Snowdrake's father: Private Goomp
  • Mad Mew Mew: Meowmaid (Mad Meowmaid)
  • Asgore: Merlon
  • Memoryhead: Elder Shrooboid
  • Endogeny: Yoob
  • Lemonbread: Sunicide
  • Reaperbird: Swiggler
  • Snowdrake's mother: Shrooblett
  • Worm Amalgamate: Shunned Guy
  • Asriel: Prince Dreambert/Antasma
  • Chara: Luigi (Mr. L)
  • Gaster: Count Bleck
  • Goner Kid: Emoglobin
  • Patience (Greed): Wario
  • Bravery: tba
  • Kindness: Peach
  • Integrity: Daisy
  • Perseverance (Intelligence): E Gadd
  • Justice: Waluigi


A plumber who fell down a warp pipe leading down into Mt. Shroom while looking for his missing brother Luigi.


A psychotic jester, wanting to gather the human souls in order to destroy the universe, to rebuild it as its omnipotent ruler. His Omega form is a mix of playing cards (the Joker), clown things and his super Dimentio form. Themes: Charming Maniacal Magician (Your Best Friend), Ultimate Showtime (Your Best Nightmare), Interdimensional Finale (Finale)

Lady Bow

The boo that takes care of the Mansion, or more accuratly, the boo that makes her servant do the caretaking for her. Likes to scare people, but she's overal not a bad person. She wants Mario to stay because "the other inhabitants of the Mansion aren't scared of me anymore nowadays". Themes: Unnecesary Creepyness (Unnesecary Tension), Soulvanish (Heartache)


Lady Bow's assistant, and the actual caretaker of the Mansion, tho "taking care" has a different meaning here, as his job is to keep the area dark, overgrown and filled with cobwebs.


A posessed sheet living in the Mansion, who offered to help with combat training. Can be refought as an optional boss after Lady Bow's room has been reached and if he isn't killed yet. Theme: Sheet Ninja (battle theme)


A Shadow Siren, who fled to the Mansion because her sister Beldam kept bullying her. Tries to defeat Mario to impress her sister, but after he either defeats her or helps her regain her confidence, she goes back to the Woods, eventually helping Mario to defeat her sister. Theme: Siren Fight (Ghost Fight)


A boo working for Lady Bow, selling Mistakes and Stinky Herbs.


A mischievous Beanish that lives in Cackle Town together with his partner Popple. While not being completely evil like his M&L counterpart, he is very mischievous, using all his spare time thinking of pranks or world domination plans, thus rarely doing anything useful. He loves making food methaphors and is highly addicted to beans, even eating them raw. Sells weird Mushrooms in an illegal shop in Hotland. Themes: fawful (sans), Track That Plays When Fawful Fights Without Having Fury/TTPWFFWF (STMPWYFS), Water is Falling Like Milk on Cornflakes Somewhere (It's Raining Somewhere Else), Laughterless (Megalovania)


Fawfuls partner, or boss in his words, wh calls almost everyone, especially Fawful, Rookie, with the exception of Geno and Merlon. Isn't liked by Cackle Town' inhabitants, as he often steals things, tho he wishes to join the Royal Superstars someday. While Prince Peasley preferbs using puzzles to capture humans, he rather does it by beating them up, though he built the Brick Block Bridge challenge. Themes: Boo Boo Boo! + Rookie! (Nyeh heh heh + Bonetrousle)

Prince Peasley

Popple's big rival, who fights the duo as the self-proclaimed Defeater or Rotten Beans, wich he does to try to prove his worth to join the Royal Superstars before Popple. While Popple preferbs the direct approach, he rather captures a human by puzzles, though he fights Mario right before they enter Cackle Town. Themes: Fabulous Puzzle Maker (encounter theme), Prince of Puzzles (battle theme)

The Yoshi Unit

A section of the Royal Superstars entirily consisting of Yoshi's The group cosists of Boshi, a mean Yoshi that believes he should be the leader of the group, the Fearsome 5, a group of 5 Yoshi's that are afraid of absolutely nothing (except a few things), Gonzales, a Yoshi that wants to be a star in Glitz Resort someday, and Chief, the most peaceful, but also the most wise of the group. Theme: Flutter Song (Dogsong)

Annoying Brog

A block dog who acts very similair to the Annoying Dog, but way more agressive. Theme: Brogsong (Dogsong)

Hermie III

Hermie is a hermitcrab with a christmas tree like shell. He used to be populair but with Prince Peasley taking the stage, noone pays attention to him anymore, making him furious, now wandering in an old cave in anger.

Goombario & Goombella

2 Goomba friends who are very knowledgable of the Underground. They used to study under Professor Frankly and Private Goomp before Frankly participated in the Shroob Serum experiments and Private Goomp went to Glitz Resort to become a better soldier.


An annoying sticker crown everyone tries to avoid, despite her attack-boosting sticker powers.


Squirp is a squid-like creature living in Cackle Town. While not being an excessive fan of Geno, he follows Mario around in the Woods because he believes he'll get lost without his help as a "captain".


Bubbles is the humerous owner of Bubbles', a café (in)famous for its many (bad) puns and specialized in making Chuckola Cola.

Ms. Mowz

Once a thief, this mouse lady now started a shop selling all the items she optained during that time. Unlike most shopkeepers in Undertale, she actually buys things, though only equipment, wich can be rebought for a higer prize afterwards.


Howzit started a chocolate bar shop in Cackle Town, though almost everyone eating beans or fruits gives him a lack of customers. Later on he moves to Woods, with the same amount of success, making even space a better location. When Red & Green are spared in Hotland, he finally gets customers, making him decide to open a proper shop in Glitz Resort.


Geno is the leader of the Royal Superstars, a star-like being posessing a doll, using his arm gun and mushrooms to attack. When his body is destroyed in Genocide, he posesses the remains of an old piece of Sammer Guy armor, turning into Geno the End Boss. Themes: Geno (Undyne), Chase trough the Forest Maze (Run!), Gun of Wishes (Spear of Justice), But The Star Refused To Go Out (But The Earth Refused To Die), Battle Against a True Warrior (Battle Against a True Hero)


Croacus is a flower living in the Woods, who is obsessed with beauty.

Freak Sheet/Beldam

Beldam is Vivian's sister, often blaming her for her own mistakes, and pulling nasty pranks on people. She posessed a sheet she found, calling herself Freak Sheet from then on. Theme: Shadow! (Dummy!)

Brogue Monsieur

Brogue Monsieur is a collector of Blitties, and when he got them all, he built a village for them around his shop, wich is the only shop in the Underground that buys almost any item, and not just specific ones or none at all. Theme: Blocky Shopkeeper (Tem shop)


The Blitties are Brogue Monsieurs pet collection. Most are the same, though one escaped into the Woods and can be encountered there, and one is Brown, named Bob. Theme: Block Village (Temmie Vllage)


Charold is the person who brings people over the river Twygz. Unlike River Person, he does ask a small payment for the boat ride.


A video game and action movie nerd who started building robots and supercomputers as a hobby, but eventually got promoted to Royal Scientist. He's far less nice than Alphys, and loves to go on the internet and give bad reviews for games he hasn't played. He also doesn't care about anyone who isn't a hot girl or nerd. Theme: Francis (Alphys)


Koopaton is a robotic Twomp with a robotic Koopa hidden inside. WIP


A supercomputer made by Francis to regulate the Hotland puzzles. He currently wants to learn what love is. He contacts Mario instead of Francis via his phone.

Royal Superstars Red & Green

2 guards who absolutely hate each other's fashion sense.


A creepy green girl living in a small mansion in Hotland. She's absolutely obsessed with rubees, and lures people into her bake sale to enslave them. She also has a monstrous pet that resembles her. Theme: Rubee Dance


A sentient paint can working as an artist.


Lakilester is Glitz Resort's drumstick shop's employee. He has the opposite problem as Burgerpants, wanting the be called by his nickname Spike, but nobody using it.


The True Pacifist hangouts are completely different

  • Solving the conflict between Popple and Prince Peasly
  • Catching the Blitty that ran away
  • Teaching Francis and TEC how love works
  • Enjoying labour in Mimi's mansion


  • The characters are still called monsters and humans, like in Undertale.
  • Waluigi is the Justice soul due to him not being in Smash.
  • The characters that consist of multiple characters have a mix of their personalities.
  • Plans are in the making for Mansionrune, a Deltarune with Luigi's Mansion characters as darkeners and more RPG characters as the added lightners.