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LionTale is based on the Disney movie The Lion King, except that it is based on Asriel, who will grow up in this comic and will flee home. He has a young scarf, because his uncle killed his father, has he is now far away. The little scarf then grow up to be a young man. But what will happen when he finds the truth? Will he fight his uncle, or resign his kingly title.

Character Changes


He's the king of the castle, he's a very good king and everyone love him, he's the husband of Toriel and father of Asriel. He is of course the brother of Asnur, with who he does have a bad relationship since they we're kids.


Royal Guard Captain and advisor to the royal family, she is very faithful to her king and queen. She is always there to protect them in case they have a problem and is also ready to protect Asriel and Frisk in all cause.