Inktale is an AU created by Tumblr user Comyet. Coming from a half made universe, the Sans from this forgotten AU destroyed his own soul in order to escape. After falling through the multiverse, he arrived in a new, blank void. Now having no soul, he could no longer feel emotions. From this new void however, he discovered color, and each color granted him another emotion. The color didn't last forever though, so he bottled up every color he could, so that he could feel emotions whenever he wanted to.


Ink!Sans exists outside of universes, and lives off of the creativity of others. He does not create any AUs himself, but can create portals to other places called 'inkportals', create things, and bring them to life using his paintbrush (with the exception of the dead). Ink is the protector of AUs, and lives in the world he created, which he likes to call the "Doodle Sphere".