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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

If Undertale Was Realistic is a parody of Undertale created by SmashBits Animations on YouTube. In summary, a genderless child falls into the Underground and goes on a 'realistic' run. Along the way, they meet new 'friends' who make things even more weird for them.

The episodes are listed below with a summary of each episode.


Episode Synopsis Airdate
Episode 1

When The Genderless Child wakes up from their fall, Flowey tries to kill them. They are saved by Toriel and return to her house.

When they reach Toriel's house, The Genderless Child decides to go to sleep. Upon waking up, they decide to leave the house. Toriel blocks their way, so they distract her and run out.

After they leave the Ruins and enter Snowdin, Sans greets them. He then says that Papyrus is coming and tells them to pretend to be a lamp.The Genderless Child then walks off.

Sans finds them again, along with Papyrus, and explains that they are a human.The Genderless Child goes to the pub with Sans, but gets drunk and passes out. When they wake up, Papyrus fights them, then tries to go on a date with them until they shout at him, frightening him so much he falls off a cliff and dies.

October 8, 2016
April 21, 2017 (Reupload)
Episode 2

At the beginning, in Waterfall, The Genderless Child is chased by Undyne, but escapes. Later, she finds them again, corners them on a bridge and then cuts off the end of it with her spear, causing it to fall into the Garbage Dump.

When The Genderless Child wakes up after being knocked out by the fall, they meet Mad Dummy. It threatens to kill them, but they trick the ghost possessing it and escape.

After exiting the Garbage Dump, Undyne appears again and chases them. They both run into Hotland, where Undyne collapses because her armour has overheated and crawls away.

The Genderless Child reaches the entrance to the Lab and enters, meeting Alphys. Mettaton then appears, saying that he has a quiz for The Genderless Child, which they must answer correctly or he will kill them. They get the first question wrong, but walk off while Mettaton is fetching something to kill them with.

Later, they get several phone calls from Alphys, annoying them so much that they kill her when they next meet her.

October 15, 2016
April 25, 2017 (Reupload)
Episode 3

At the beginning, in Hotland, The Genderless Child encounters the Vent Puzzle, but is too lazy to work out the correct sequence. They spot Lesser Dog and pet it, causing it to extend its neck. They push it over and walk across over its neck.

The Genderless Child then walks into Mettaton's cooking show. He tells them to use a jetpack to chase him up a pillar to win the prize. They agree but walk off instead into Muffet's room. She threatens to eat them, but they spray her with insecticide, killing her.

The Genderless Child walks through Mettaton's musical, ignoring Mettaton, to a hotel where they meet Sans and have a drink with him, during which Sans warns them against killing monsters.

Later, The Genderless Child meets Mettaton, who decides to kill them. He transforms into Mettaton EX, but after a short conversation forgets to kill them. In New Home, The Genderless Child meets Flowey,  but ignores him. They also meet Sans in the Last Corridor, who warns them about Asgore.

The Genderless Child enters the Throne Room, where Asgore is watering the Golden Flowers. He tricks them into going to the Barrier, but once there, Flowey kills him with a friendliness pellet.

Flowey then absorbs the six souls, transforms into Omega Flowey, and makes The Genderless Child watch "Flowey: The TV Show" on his monitor. They try to turn the volume up, but press the exit button on the remote by accident, causing Omega Flowey to return to his original form.

Flowey disappears, and The Genderless Child walks towards the barrier, but is presumably killed upon touching it, because they end up in Underground Heaven.

October 22, 2016
April 29, 2017 (Reupload)

Episode 4 December 24, 2016
May 3, 2017 (Reupload)
Episode 5 January 28, 2017
May 10, 2017 (Reupload)
Episode 6 March 11, 2017
May 12, 2017 (Reupload)
Episode 7 May 20, 2017
Episode 8 June 10, 2017
Episode 9 August 5, 2017
Episode 10 August 19, 2017
Episode 11 September 9, 2017
Episode 12 October 7, 2017
Episode 13 November 4, 2017
Episode 14 November 18, 2017
Episode 15 December 9, 2017
Episode 16 December 23, 2017
Episode 17 February 10, 2018


  • In 2017, SmashBits got in trouble for using assets without giving proper credit to the resources's creators, leading to a copyright strike. On March 12, Coyote uploaded a rebuttal video, explaining why SmashBits got a copyright strike for the models used without properly crediting and also censoring comments.[1]
  • On April 21, the first episode was rereleased, only without Undertale's music, possibly for avoiding further copyright issues.
  • SmashBits Animations rereleased the following episodes with according revisions.
Why "Undertale Realistic" got a Copyright Strike

Why "Undertale Realistic" got a Copyright Strike


  1. [REBUTTAL] "Coyote & Modellers vs SmashBits & Rick Jones" - A Tale of Ethics