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Icarustale is an Undertale AU which consists of a crossover between Undertale and the Kid Icarus series. It combines elements of Undertale and Kid Icarus: Uprising into one AU.

Long ago, two goddesses ruled over the Earth, the heavens and the Underworld. But soon, a war broke out after Palutori had been done with Medusa's terrible treatment of the humans.


Frisk: A combination between Frisk and Pit. A human who falls to their death from a great mountain in the Overworld. They wake up in Skyworld, to the aid of Palutori, and become an angel.

Palutori: A combination between Toriel and Palutena. Palutori is the Goddess of Light and rules over Skyworld. She had come across Prisk when they died, and took care of them with extra love. She also trained Prisk in combat for when the Underworld Army would come to terrorise the humans on the Overworld. A very strong bond with her angel, and a motherly figure.

Dark Frisk: A combination between Chara and Dark Pit. Created by the Mirror of Truth, Dark Frisk has a much colder demeanor than their light counterpart.

Sans: TBD, possibly a centurion guard. A very lazy one.

Sans' Theme

Papyrus: TBD, possibly also a centurion guard.

Undyne: TBD, possibly Magdyne (Magnus)