Hungertale is an AU series that bases around the fallen child being named 'Bacon' and Frisk being very hungry during the entire adventure. It follows the original Undertale very closely, only really deviating for the sake of a joke. It follows a pacifist route and the majority of the comic pages are Bacon/Frisk reacting to the weirdness of the world.


  • Although Frisk tells people to call them Bacon, Chara is the entity actually named Bacon.
  • The reason 'Chara' hates humanity is that they were named Bacon.
  • Frisk's theory on why Bacon kills everything is because they're lonely.
  • Frisk attempts to stay in the ruins with Toriel but accidentally battle her because they wanted breakfast.
  • Sans startles Frisk which causes them to slap and kill him. They reset to undo this mistake.
  • The accidental murder of Sans makes Frisk scared to even fake hit Undyne during their meeting.
  • Despite resetting to un-kill Sans they wish him dead multiple times on their adventure.
  • Frisk is not afraid of Photoshop Flowey. Instead, they laugh at him.
  • They spare Flowey because it annoys him.
  • While the series is highly comedic, the ending is heartwarming.