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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

For the sequel, see Thorns of a Rose.

Howlingtale is an Undertale AU created by Comycat. Howlingtale is a story based AU in which many plot points have been added, such as a crystal called the Howlingstone that creates a perpetually colder climate, new characters, deaths of certain main characters and changed roles (Doggo is now King, Dogamy is captain of the Royal guard)

This AU also features a trait to characters called Sun-Bloods and Moon-Bloods, both of which react in different ways to certain magic. Sun-Bloods react to warmer magic and Moon-Bloods react to colder magic. Many characters have also gained canine traits, with certain characters such as Sans and Frisk becoming almost like werewolves.



  • Two Soul colors are added- Light brown is humilty and Silver is wisdom, or a wolf trait.