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HorrorFell is a Combination AU, a mix between Horrortale and Underfell. HorrorFell is an AU where a neutral run was done in UnderFell, and is far into the future. Due to a lack of resources- mainly food- and strict laws put in place by Queen Undyne, the majority of the monsters have slowly gone insane, including Sans and Papyrus- though Sans still holds a small measure of his former self, but given that former self was nearly as violent, this hardly means much.

Another human child, named Aliza, with a violet soul representing Fear, has fallen into the Underground. However, she has no guide in this violent, brutal land, as Flowey has long since perished.


  • Aliza - Human Child , Alive
  • Toriel - Monster, borderline insane, Alive
  • Papyrus - Skeleton, near-feral, Alive
  • Sans - Skeleton, borderline insane, Alive- somehow
  • Riverperson - Unknown, Unknown- missing
  • Flowey - Flower, Dead
  • Grillby - Monster, Dead
  • Monster Kid - Monster, Dead
  • Undyne - Monster Queen, Alive and ruling with an Iron Fist
  • Asgore - Monster, Dead due to Frisk's neutral run
  • Mettaton - Robot Ghost, Alive and running a hidden shelter in Waterfall
  • Napstablook - Ghost, Alive and running the shelter with Mettaton
  • Temmie Horde - Monsters, Alive and numerous, ravaging the underground in a feral state
  • Muffet - Monster, Dead
  • Alphys - Monster, Dead
  • Nicecream Salesman - Monster, Dead
  • Burgerpants - Monster, Dead
  • Catty - Monster, Dead
  • Bratty - Monster, Alive and in hiding
  • Greater Dog - Monster, Alive and feral
  • Lesser Dog - Monster, Alive and feral