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Happytale was created by Undertale fanatic TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER. It is a dark, depressing AU created after Frisk completed her third almost genocide run in a row (she would always feel deep regret at the end of each run and spare Sans, which would end in her demise). The third time she tried to spare Sans, Chara lost patience with her and tried to kill Sans herself. Frisk and Sans teamed up and defeated Chara, but not without a cost. The timeline glitched out and reset, and Frisk was brought back to the beginning of the timeline. Flowey had mysteriously disappeared, and Frisk starts out her adventure all by herself. Most of the regular monsters just look like you killed them, but the main characters have some obvious changes.

Character Changes


Toriel looks almost the same as her regular Undertale version, but there are a few changes. The most obvious one is she looks exactly like she did when you murdered her. The edges of her dress are covered in dust, and her right horn is broken off. She is still very sweet and loving, but now she is jumpy and nervous. She is too scared to care for the flowers where you fell, afraid she would come across another murderous human. She usually hangs around her house, which is now in shambles. Books and dead flowers lay across the floor inside her house, and the interior and exterior is faded and cracked. She enjoys reading books and baking snail pies. She can't bake butterscotch or cinnamon pies; they bring back too many bad memories. Every night, Toriel has nightmares about the deaths of Asriel and Chara. She still loves to teach; sometimes she even teaches the monsters in the Ruins. She has a few good memories of Sans, but overall the only character she interacts with or is not afraid of outside the Ruins is King Asgore. When Frisk shows up in Underground, Toriel will hide from her for most of the time in the Ruins. After Frisk goes through her house, taking some snail pie, Toriel will be waiting to fight her at the doors of the Ruins. She fights with bright blue fireballs that deal double the damage of Original Toriel's fireballs. They are just blue in color; they don't work like the actual blue attack. She will not stop fighting you if you are low on health. If you spare her 10 times in a row, her conversation will go like this:

"Fight me or die, I won't accept mercy from the likes of you!"


"Don't think you can fool me, you little brat. I know your secrets."

"I know you killed all my friends again and again."

"I know you killed all my family again and again."

"That was you...wasn't it?"

" Your ongoing mercy is unlike any I've expected from a human."

"What is this feeling? Why do I want to love you like my own child? What have I forgotten?"

"I cannot fight you any longer. Something, something I've forgotten won't let me go on."

"You're really not like her, are you?"

She will then stop the fighting and leave you to leave the Ruins, muttering under her breath, "I'm going to make some butterscotch-cinnamon pie." Toriel will die in one hit. If you attempt to kill her at once, or after the eighth line of her speech, she will say:

"I knew all humans were like this, but still I held back when I fought you. Tell my friends I'm sorry I didn't kill you the moment I saw you."

If you wait until her ninth line of speech, right before she spares you, she will say:

" my weakest moment, you stooped so low as to strike me down? Ha, ha. You were worse than anything Asgore described to me. BURN IN HELL."


You couldn't kill Napstablook during the Genocide Run, so he pretty much looks the same. The only difference is his right eye constantly twitches. This is because watching his friends waste away caused him to go insane. Whenever he comes across an item that belonged to a former human, he burns it. He also practices his attacks so he'll be ready if another human falls down here. He doesn't recognize Toriel anymore and tries to attack her if she comes near him. If Frisk walks into his line of sight, he will engage in combat. His tears are more powerful than his original version, and he learned how to summon a ghost sword that swipes down on the screen. It flashes orange or blue, so you have to move or stay still for those attacks. Every time you spare him, he says:


If you spare him 12 times, he begins to recall faint memories of better times. With tears in his eyes, he'll say, "Come over to my house, if you want...or don't. Sorry for wasting your time.", and he'll disappear. If you actually go over to his house, he will burst out in tears of joy, and for the rest of the time spent at his house, he will silently supply you with whatever you want. If at any point in the battle against him you try to kill him, he'll say:

"HA, HA, HUMAN! You can't kill a ghost, you idiot! Sadly, that is not the same for you. Sad for you, anyway. It just makes my job easier!"

He will then go ahead and hit you with one more blow from his sword, then disappear. If you try to enter his house after attempting to kill him, a forcefield will throw you back, and his house will vibrate with the word, "NO."

Mad Dummy

The Mad Dummy also went insane (more insane than he was before, anyway), and he just lies amongst the garbage, twitching and humming to himself. He is partially covered in fluff, which pours out from the cuts all over his body. If you try to engage in combat, he will just fall over. If you spare him, he will flee without a word. If you try to kill him (he dies in one shot) he will just laugh and turn to dust.


Mettaton's appearance also differs from his original version. He is forever stuck in his Mettaton Neo form. His right wing has disappeared, and his left wing flickers constantly. Sometimes he glitches out and goes crazy for a few seconds. His show is still running and brings a sort of half joy to the otherwise depressing lives of the monsters. During his show, he pretends to be his old self, dancing and posing dramatically. It's not as good as the original show, but it's okay. On the inside, however, Mettaton is broken. When his show is over, he locks himself in his room and cries. He cries about Napstablook half of the time, who is too insane to recognize him. He cries about the fate of the Underground. And he also cries about Papyrus, and the time they were the weirdest and coolest couple in the Underground. He hasn't seen him in a long time, but he hopes Papyrus still watches his show. He does not like Sans, thinking he is the reason he hasn't seen Papyrus. That is true, but Sans has good intentions. You'll see... If you enter Alphys lab, which is now shut down and covered in cobwebs, you will see him pouting at a dusty old desk covered in paper. If you approach him, he will immediately engage in combat, saying:

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!"

He shoots powerful lasers from his arm cannon and can slow down, speed up, or reverse his moves at any point in the battle. If you spare him 5 times in a row, his conversation will go like this:

"I've been waiting for a long time to kill a pesky human like you!"

"Why won't you fight back, human scum?"


"You really don't wanna fight, do ya?"

"Maybe some humans are different."

He will then proceed to give you a phone so you can call him at any time. He tells you to beware of Asgore, as he will try to kill you on sight. He also gives you a pack of old instant noodles, which will still heal you in battle; they will restore 20 hp. Then he will give you a tour of Alphys's lab and help you through the puzzles in Hotland. Mettaton will die in two hits in this AU. If you try to kill him two times in a row, his conversation will go like this:

"HA, HA! I won't die in one hit this time, fiend!"

"Ouch...guess two hits did the trick, right? Heh, heh....sorry, Alphys. I couldn't stop the human."

He will then explode. The explosion will lower your health a little bit. You will then have to explore Alphys's lab by yourself.


There is a scar on her right eye, and a large cut on her arm. She got the cut when Mettaton went crazy temporarily and attacked her. She is now blind in her right eye. One day when she was bringing some anime over to Undyne's house, which was basically just a tent of wood and glass, she was shocked to see the condition she was in. She abandoned the lab immediately and now she takes care of Undyne 24/7. She realized Undyne was incurable, and that's what finally broke her. She now wears a pair of one-way glasses (her own invention) that cover her eyes. They also keep people from seeing how red and puffy they are. The glasses aren't big enough to hide her scar, though, so you can see both ends sticking out behind her glasses. She usually remains locked up in Undyne's house, watching anime with Undyne and crying. Her lab coat is covered in food stains from her attempts at cooking. If Frisk goes into Undyne's house, her first sight will be Alphys, who is hunched over on the couch, crying. If you approach her, she will spring up and sneer at you. Her glasses are on the floor, and you can see how red and puffy her eyes are. She will engage in combat, saying:


In her rage, she grabs an old spear off the ground and swings it at you like a sword. You have to dodge its attacks. If you spare Alphys 6 times, her conversation will go like this:


"I won't be spared by garbage like you!"

"You were the one who did this to Undyne...didn't you?"

"I'm having a bad feeling about this."

"You remind me of a long lost friend I had in... another timeline."

"That's it, isn't it? That must be it. We were friends in another timeline. Fighting you seems incredibly rude now, doesn't it?"

She will then proceed to lead to a hidden room. Inside the room, Undyne will be sitting on a small couch watching t.v, probably anime. She tells you to approach her, and if anything goes wrong, she will be waiting outside the room. If you approach Undyne, she will scream and engage in combat, yelling:


If you didn't kill Alphys, and you spare Undyne, she will run in, her glasses back on, yelling:


Undyne will back down, grumbling. You can then hang out with the two. You can watch anime, eat instant noodles, and read Alphys's science journal's on resets and determination. If you watch anime five times in a row, you can get Undyne to smile and offer you a can of pasta sauce. This makes Alphys happy and will result in her giving you a box of Mew Mew Kissy Cutie Cereal, which will always max out your health, no matter how much hp you have. If you attempt to kill Undyne (she dies in one hit), Alphys will scream and run out of the house yelling:


If you follow her, you have to watch her jump into some lava in Hotland. If you tried to kill Alphys, you have to deal with Undyne's battle. If you attempt to kill Alphys, her battle will go like this (it is a bit like Undyne's genocide battle):

"Ouch. One hit and I'm dead, huh? Sorry Undyne; I couldn't stop the human"

She will then begin to fade away, but she suddenly remembers something. She pulls a determination vial out of her pocket and drinks it, saying:

"Never mind. I got another chance. And it won't go to waste. Undyne. Mettaton. I'm doing this for you."

She will then turn into Alphys Ultra. The lenses on her glasses are gone, and her eyes are black voids with glowing yellow balls in them. The scar over her right eye is dripping, because of the determination she drank. Her lab coat is dripping all over the floor. The further you progress into the battle, the more it melts into her body. She attacks you with super fast lightning bolts, and you can be injured by her determination dripping onto you. If you try to spare her, she will just laugh at you, and her lightning bolts will move even faster. Every time you hit her, she will just yell:

"Is that all you got, loser? Come on, aren't I an equal rival for you? Go FASTER!"

It takes 10 hits for her to die. When you finally strike her down, she collapses in a half-melted pile. Her eyes go back to normal, and tears start streaming down her face. Her conversation goes like this:


"Even with my determination, I...I failed to stop you."

"Undyne...Mettaton....I'm sorry..."

"But I know someone, if not me, will strike you down, human."

"Enough times that you'll grow tired of resetting."

"Hopefully even go insane. Just like the rest of us."

" if. You're do that, aren't you."

"I'm glad I don't have to live in the same world as you anymore, human. Good-bye."

Alphys will then laugh maniacally and turn to dust.


Undyne's appearance in Happytale is changed drastically. She looks like she did the moment she was about to die in a genocide run. That's right; she's completely melting. She is also completely insane. This is the reason Alphys came to take care of her. Since she is insane, and Asgore sort of just ignores his kingdom, there is no Royal Guard in Happytale. The only memories she has remaining are those of Alphys and Papyrus, and not being able to see Papyrus drove her even more insane. Alphys explained Undyne's situation and begged Sans to let Undyne see Papyrus just one time, but Sans simply slammed the door in her face. As she was leaving, he yelled, "I'm sorry, but when it comes to things like this, I care more about my brother than Undyne." Confused and hurt, Alphys left with bitter feelings towards Sans. She couldn't bring herself to break Undyne's heart, so she just told her Papyrus might come one day. Undyne still remembers how much she loves anime, and every day she sits in front of the tv, watching anime. When she's happy, she'll burble joyfully. When she's upset or angry, she'll screech and wave her spear. When she's scared she shivers and hides. You probably guessed she's rarely scared. The only thing keeping her from completely breaking is Alphys. When you approach her, she will immediately engage in combat, saying:


If you didn't kill Alphys, and you spare Undyne, you don't have to go through her battle. You then hang out with her and Alphys, watching anime and eating spaghetti. She will eventually learn to trust you and enjoy your presence. If you kill Undyne after sparing Alphys, she will just stare at you and melt away. If you killed Alphys, you have to find the secret room by yourself. You have to open Undyne's refrigerator and go through it to enter Undyne's secret room. When you get downstairs, Undyne will be waiting for you, a spear in each hand. She heard your fight with Alphys upstairs, and she felt a part of her soul fade away when you killed her. She will point her spears at you, saying:

"'re...going down, p-punk."

She begins to gather herself, and she forms a more stable form; she almost looks like her original version. Tears are streaming down her face, her spears are melted into her hands, and her right eye is melting behind her eyepatch. She attacks you with broken spears and the spears in her hands. You have to hit her eight times to kill her because she will dodge your attacks the first seven times you try to hit her. The first seven times you hit her, she will just glare at you. If you try to spare her, she will just cry more, saying:


When you finally kill her, she will collapse back into her (Happytale) original form, and her conversation will go like this:


"....Sorry, Alphy."

"You, too....P-papy..."


She will then fade away. You can then raid her room of spaghetti and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. This can be done as long as you kill Undyne.


Asgore is also very different, and much more insane. He has a huge scar across his chest, and his cape is ripped and frayed at the edges. The edge of his mouth drips with blood, and a small scar covers the edge of his mouth. He is usually frowning, but on the rare occasions when he is happy, he will grin and laugh softly. His trident is missing one of the spikes, and the metal is rusted and chipped. He still uses his trident to threaten anyone (other than Toriel) who try and get into the throne room. He prefers to stay locked up in his throne room 24/7 and has completely abandoned New Home. In the throne room, you can see a broken throne, and a small bed in the corner of the room, surrounded by the only flowers left in his garden. Now that Toriel realizes how evil humans are, she forgave Asgore and occasionally comes to visit him. She is the only one he allows in the throne room. If anyone else tries to enter the throne room he will attack them with fireballs. He no longer takes care of his flowers, and now the floor is just dirt and weeds. He stays away from the barrier, and if he accidentally goes near it, he goes crazy and throws fire at it. When he is at his craziest, he gathers up all of the empty soul canisters and mumbles:

"The souls...the souls..." over and over. When you enter the throne room, Asgore will point his trident at you angrily. He will yell:

"How dare you enter my throne room?! Begone, foul demon, or I will get rid of you myself!" He will then engage you in combat. Asgore will shatter the mercy button, then laugh, saying:

"LET'S BEGIN!" If you act with Asgore 10 times, his conversation will go like this:


"How dare you be nice to me?"

"You filthy scum!"


"What are you doing?"

"Aren't you supposed to be evil?"



"This is...wrong."

"I'm sorry..."

Asgore will then proceed to drop his trident, which will shatter into a million pieces. He will look at the ground, tears dripping down his face. Then he will look back up at you, his eyes bloodshot and crazy and say:

"This isn't how it's supposed to be."

"I'm tired."

"I'm so tired."

"I'm so tired."

"So tired."


"Do you want a cup of tea?"

This will end the battle. Asgore will pour you both a cup of tea, then hand you yours. If you drink it, a huge smile will spread across Asgore's face, and he'll say:

"I was so wrong about humans."

If you chose to dump the cup of tea on the ground, Asgore will just laugh softly. After you either drink or dump your tea, Asgore will lead you to the barrier. Asgore and you will just stare at it until a small yellow flower pops up in the corner of the screen. (We'll get to that later.) If, during a genocide route, at any point in the battle you attack Asgore, he will almost completely fade away, laughing, and saying:

"I knew it."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm tired."

"So, so tired."


He will then fade away completely, and his trident will clatter onto the throne room floor. If, at any point in the battle, during a pacifist or neutral route, you attack Asgore, he will block your attack with his trident. He will simply say:

"I don't want to fight."

"I'm tired."

This will end the fight, and he offers you a cup of tea. You either accept it or dump it onto the ground. However, Toriel saw you attack Asgore and ran away in fright. This results in you getting the neutral ending since none of the main monsters follow her into the throne room out of curiosity. Also, Sans gave up thinking he would escape in this timeline and teleported back home since you tried to kill the king.


Papyrus looks very different in Happytale, but also very familiar. He is just a skull with a crack in his head and a small hole in the bottom of his eye. His head is usually sitting in his scarf, which is covered in patches of dust. He is still a very cheerful monster, though, and is kind to everyone. Papyrus still tries to cook spaghetti, but because of his lack of body, it tastes even worse than before. He still watches Mettaton's show constantly, and even has a hat that says, "Mettaton's Biggest Fan". Papyrus doesn't fight you in Happytale, and his only attack is Bone Spear, which is where he summons a bone that he hits his enemies with. His attack starts off taking away 5 HP, and each time he hits you, his attack increases by 3 HP. He knows what has happened to everyone, even though Sans tried so hard to hide it from him. He figured it out when Alphys came by one day to yell at Sans and told Papyrus everything. He took it surprisingly well, but Sans was still infuriated with Alphys. He almost killed her, but Papyrus snapped him out of it, and he let her scurry out of the house. Sans glared at until she was just a speck in the distance, muttering:

"All that work to protect Papy, wasted!"


"I'm so sorry, Alphys."

"What has happened to me?"

Papyrus tries to find a way to roll towards his friends' houses, but Sans always stops him before he gets very far. Papyrus is extremely excited when he catches a glimpse of you, not noticing Sans's attempts to hide you from him behind the human-shaped lamp. The lamp is now cracked and faded. Papyrus will roll around in the snow yelling:

"Wowie! A human! This is super cool! Just like me, of course!"

Papyrus will invite you home for spaghetti, and Sans will grudgingly agree, mumbling:

"How does this guy stay so cheerful?"

"He's just met the human who...who..."


Sans will pick up Papyrus's head and beckon for you to follow him, saying:

"Follow me, Fr-"



You will follow Sans and Papyrus through Snowdin, looking around at all the monsters. The monsters will stare back at you; some will run away to hide, some will gawk at you, and some will throw insults at you. Unfazed, you just follow the skelebros until they reach their house. If you are on the genocide path, you have to walk through deafening silence. Papyrus's house is now crumbling apart, and all the Christmas lights are lying in the snow. Sans and Papyrus will enter the house, and you follow them inside. The inside of their house looks generally the same, except everything's either cracked or dust-covered. Papyrus rolls over to you and asks:

"What's your name?"

A keyboard will pop up, but no matter what you type, the letters will spell out "FRISK", and you can't press enter unless you have her whole name spelled out. After you spell out her name, Sans will say:

"Frisk. How nice. What a nice name."

"This is my bro, Papyrus."

This will cause Papyrus to giggle and roll off into the kitchen. He comes out with a tray of spaghetti on his head and offers some to you. If you accept the spaghetti, Papyrus will blush and say:


"You're the only person who ever wants my spaghetti!"

When you taste his spaghetti, your face turns bright green, and you drop the plate. Papyrus just giggles and says:

"You were shocked by the greatness of my food, weren't you, human?"

If you refuse his spaghetti, Sans will glare at you, but Papyrus will just smile, saying:

"Aw, gee, human!"

"You wanted to save some spaghetti for me!"

After you either accept or reject Papyrus's spaghetti, he takes the plate and rushes off to the kitchen. You are left to talk with Sans. After your conversation, Papyrus rushes back into the room and says:

"It was great having you over human!"

"Come back anytime!"

You will get up and either hug or crush Papyrus's skull, then walk out of the house and continue on your journey. If you hug Papyrus, Sans will watch you leave with a smile on his face. If you crush Papyrus, he will watch you with a frown on his face, tears dripping down his skull. If you spare Papyrus, you cannot come back into his house. If you kill him, you can enter the house again, but Sans will not be in it.


Sans is one of the most complex characters in Happytale. He wears a brown leather jacket and a grey t-shirt. There is a bloody slash mark across his chest, like when you hit him in a genocide run. His shorts look almost the same except for the patch of monster dust on his right short leg, and the patch of blood on his right short leg. His slippers are now the same bright red as the blood. There is a trickle of blood dripping out of his mouth, also a reference to him during the genocide run. His eye sockets are completely white no matter what he's doing, which represents how Sans is blinded with visions of Papyrus dying. He has developed a sort of magic that tells him where everything is by showing him a blurred outline of the object. Sans is extremely protective of Papyrus, and he makes sure he always knows where he is. He still greatly enjoys ketchup, and he has a secret stash inside his jacket. He is the second main character you meet after Toriel. After you walk up to the wooden bars, you will see a shadowy figure behind you. When it (he) fades into view, he will say:

"Go on."

"Turn around and shake my hand."

You will not turn around at first, which causes Sans to yell:


This will cause you to turn around and slowly shake Sans's hand. You then hear the faint sound of an old whoopie cushion. Sans will then begin to speak to you again:

"Heh. The old whoopie-cushion-in-the-hand trick."

"It was never funny to you."

"Why are you here?"

"You monster."

"Heh, heh. Whatever."

"Follow me"

Sans will then proceed to lead you to the spot where you first met Papyrus. He points at the old lamp and growls:

"Lamp. Behind. Now."

"Paps is coming, and I don't want him to see your filthy face."

You will not move, which will cause Sans to try and push you behind the lamp. He is too slow, however, and Papyrus spots you. After the interaction with Papyrus and the jeers of the other monsters (or silence), you get to Sans's and Papyrus's house. When Papyrus goes to return the plate of spaghetti, Sans glares at you and begins to talk:

Pacifist Route Speech:


"Why are you here?"

"Even I can't figure it out, and I'm pretty smart."

"Do you really want to make amends?"

"I can't believe it."

"I don't think I can forgive you."

"But we'll see."

Neutral Route Speech:


"Why are you here?"

"Even I can't figure it out, and I'm pretty smart."

"Do you really want to make amends?"

"No, I don't...I don't really know."

"You have dust on your sweater, but compassion in your eyes."

"I think I'll see you later."

Genocide Route Speech:

"I'm not gonna beat around the bush."

"I can see the dust on your sweater."

"The hatred in your eyes."

"If you stop now, I might not feel the need to do anything."

"But if you keep going, well..."

"Heh, heh."

"Y O U ' R E G O N N A H A V E A B A D T I M E .”

After either three of these speeches, Papyrus comes back into the room. You either crush or hug his skull, then leave. The next time you see him, unless you're on the genocide route, is in the Judgement Hall. If you're on the genocide route, you'll see glimpses of him all over the Underground. If you stop the genocide route at any point in the timeline, Sans will stop following you. The next place you see him is in the Judgement Hall. Once you walk up to Sans, he begins his speech.

Pacifist Route Speech:


"You proved me wrong."


"You really did want to fix everything, didn't you?"

"This is amazing!"


"See you on the other side, kiddo."

"You might mess this up."

"But I'll just have to wait and see."

Neutral Route Speech (but you didn't kill Papyrus) :


"Well, you didn't kill everyone."

"And you let my bro live."

"I don't know what to say."


"I-I'll let you pass."

"See you later, I guess?"

Neutral Route Speech (you killed Papyrus):


"You weren't gonna kill all of us anyway."

"So why did you kill him, hm?


"I really want to kill you."

"But I won't."

"See ya later, you dirty brother killer."

Genocide Route Speech:


"I knew it."

"Why did you help me..."

"If you were just going to kill us all again?"

"Do you think this is funny? Is this a joke to you? Do you like to fight?"

"Well then...."

"You're gonna have so much fun!"

This starts Sans's battle. He attacks you with bone shards, beaten-up Gaster Blasters, his Sword of Justice, and for the last five turns, parts of his body. If everytime you die and come back, Sans will laugh and say:

"Try again.

"You'll win eventually, right?"

You have to attack him 15 times, and his speech will go like this:

"Let's begin, you monster!"

"Y'know, I don't think I should call you that."

"Monsters are kind and understanding."

"Unlike you."

"You're not human either, though."

"You're just... a piece...of TRASH!"

"Wow, you aren't gonna give up, huh?

"Uh...oh well."

"I'll just have to *huff* keep trying!"

"*Huff*... Boy, is this fight taking a toll on a lazybones like me!"

Sans will then fall onto one knee, sweating. He will look you in the eye and say:

"Maybe we can stop fighting?"

You will now be able to spare him. If you spare him, he will laugh and say:

"Well, this makes my job easier."

"Hope to see you again, pal."

"Maybe in a better timeline."

After he says this, he will kill you as he does in the original Undertale. If you come back after sparing him, he'll say:

"Oh, you..."

"I should've known."

He will then start to fight you again, but he won't offer to spare you anymore.

If you reject his mercy, he'll say:

"Welp, I tried."

Then he will start fighting you again. He will rip off his arm, break it into tiny pieces, and throw the pieces at you. He'll laugh and say:


"Let's do this."

For the next 5 turns, he'll throw shards of his body at you. Your conversation will go like this:

"*Huff* This is not going well."

"I'm dead tired."

"Heh. That was a good one."

"Are you tired?"


After he says this, he will be left with just a skull. He will close his eyes and fall asleep. You take this opportunity to kill him. Before he dies, he says:

"Welp. I tried my best."

"I hope I never have to see your face again."



"What are you doing here?!"


Sans will then close his eyes, and his skull will fade away.


Frisk looks a little different in this AU. She has brown skin and dark brown hair. She has spots on her cheeks like Chara, but they're light pink. She wears a dark blue sweater with dark pink stripes and even darker blue shorts. She also wears dust grey stockings and black flats. Her facial expressions change based on her emotions, but she's usually smiling. After killing a monster, she will look towards the player. She is a silent protagonist.


Chara also looks a little different in this AU. She has pale beige skin, light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She wears a dark green sweater with one yellow stripe, a pair of dark brown khakis, and black boots. Her sweater and pants are ripped up and covered with patches of dirt. Whenever you see her, her face is usually twisted into a smile too big for her face. Chara's backstory is still completely the same. She begins to follow you around on the genocide route.

Location Changes


Additional Changes

The Three Routes


During the pacifist route, when Flowey pops up in the corner of the screen, all the main characters rush into the room with the barrier. They all stare at Flowey with curiosity and hate. This will cause Flowey to laugh and say:

"So, you made all your friends back, Frisk?"

"That's incredible. Consider me impressed."


"How are you all gonna leave now?"

This will cause Frisk to sneer at him, then look at all of her friends. They all look back at her, afraid. Sans gives her a knowing look. Frisk sighs, then gives up her soul. Flowey's eyes widen, and Asgore gasps.

"NO!" Everyone else cries out. But it's too late. The other souls have been summoned up, and now they're all glowing in sync.

"You're really doing this, huh, pal?" Sans asks with tears in his eyes. Frisk nods; her eyes are glinting with determination. The other souls break out of their canisters, and in one bright explosion, the barrier is shattered. Everyone is on the surface now, tears in their eyes. Monster's from all across the Underground come out into the open, gasping in awe. Flowey looks around, his eyes glinting with sorrow. He can see scattered pieces of soul everywhere. He picks up a shard of Frisk's soul, tears streaming down his face.

"She redeemed herself," Sans mumbled, looking at a piece of the Justice soul. Tears are streaming down his face, but a smile is plastered across his face. He looks up at the sun, feeling it's light for the first time since...

"Gaster," Sans mutters, looking behind him. He can see the slightest shadow of his father; he's smiling. Sans looks down at his brother's skull. Papyrus is rolling around, yelling:

"THE SURFACE! THE SURFACE!" Sans smiles even wider. He looks back up at the sun and says:

"I love you, Frisk."


During the neutral route, when Flowey pops up in the corner of the corner of the screen, Asgore just screams. Flowey will smile at the two of them and say:

"Wow. How pathetic."

"Oh. It's you. Again. I can see you've been busy."

"Doing nothing. You trash."

"I have nothing to say to you."

"Why are you even here?"

"I'll hope to never see you again."

"Not in this timeline."

Flowey will then pop back into the ground. Asgore will breathe heavily, then look back at you. He will then sigh softly and hand Frisk his soul. Frisk just stares in awe as Asgore fades away, a smile on his face. Clutching his soul, she will walk through the barrier. In a flash of light, Asgore's soul crumbles to dust, and Frisk escapes the Underground. She will hear a buzzing sound and take her phone out of her pocket. She will have received a text from Sans. All it says is:

"See you soon, kiddo."


Frisk will be standing alone at the barrier when Flowey the Flower pops up in the corner of the screen. He will be sweating nervously as he begins to speak.


"You went genocidal. Again. Um..."

"Heh, heh, heh."

"Why did you even stop Chara, if all you were going to do was..."

Frisk will begin to walk towards Flowey.


"Oh, I see what's going on."

"I-I know what's going to happen next."

"D-don't you d-dare..."

Frisk will be standing right in front of Flowey.

"Oh good golly gosh."

"I'm dead, aren't I?"

Frisk just nods, and with one slice, Flowey disappears into a pile of dust. Suddenly, the whole room glitches out. The world turns back. All Frisk can see is Chara. Chara smiles. Frisk smiles back.

"So, Frisk."

"You're back."

"Of course you are."

"Miss me?"

"I didn't miss you."

"I'm going to destroy the world, and you can't stop me."

"Not this time."

Chara will then proceed to destroy the timeline. Frisk will be floating in a void, looking around. She laughs. Chara looks at her blankly.

"So, you want the world back?"

Frisk nods, devoid of all emotion.

"You know what I want."

But Frisk just laughs. She attacks Chara, pushing her to the ground. Chara gasps for air, afraid and weak. Frisk forces Chara to pull up her menu screen. All that's there is a big yellow RESET button. Frisk grabs Chara's hand and slams it onto the reset button. As the world fades back to the beginning, Chara can hear Frisk speak:

"This is my world. I make the rules. 'Night-Night!"