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Glitched Out is an AU, where the war never happened. The monsters went down to the Underground, to experiment eternal life, but it went wrong, and they sealed an unbreakable barrier around them. 200 years past, Frisk fell down to the Underground.



Chara died due to touching the barrier, and his soul is lost in time and space. He wakes up because of Frisk, and nobody knows how he exists.


Gaster was the scientist who was experimenting with eternal life, and the monsters started hating him. With Jerry's leading, they attacked him. He almost died, and his soul almost broke too. He ran away, and blew a cave in the giant wall, creating the alternative ruins.


Jerry chased away Gaster, and he became the king,


200 years later, he fell into Underground, and woke up Chara. Then, he was killed 38 times by Gaster, after which he began to glitch. Every time, he died, or even saved, he started to glitch more.


After the eternal life experiment, he was turned back into a child along with Toriel. Now he defends the forest from Gaster.


She turned back to a child with Asgore, and she defends the Flooded Area (Waterfall).


After Gaster ran away, he thought he had died. Because of that, Sans went mad, and almost blew up the old volcano, but Papyrus stopped him. Now, he is working in the lab.


He stopped his brother's attack, and now, they work in a lab. Papyrus is always awake to protect Sans.


Defending the holy king, Jerry


A lost soul wandering the Underground.