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Framntale is an AU created by Charmella. Most of the characters are still the same. However, there is one new character. Her name is Framn. She is the daughter of W.D. Gaster and a human woman named Miki. Framn's name is pronounced Fran.

Character Changes



Pixel art of framn by charmella-db48wbe

Framn's skin is pale human skin. She has one eye socket and one human eye. She has purple blush, and her hair is brown. She ties half of her hair with a purple ribbon. She wears a purple cape, high neck white knit, blue skirt, black tights and brown boots. Her soul is purple and has some cracks. (Being both human and monster her soul looks like a monster soul, but with color.)

However, when Framn is in a serious fight, is when she is angry, her appearance changes. She becomes completely skeleton and her face will change. Since her body is a monster body during this time, if she has too much determination, her face will start to crack and melt.


Framn's soul is a mix of kindness, integrity, perseverance, patience, and determination. (Her soul looks purple because of Sans and Papyrus's colors, orange and blue. [In this AU, it's red and blue, to make purple.])

Framn is very shy and quiet around new people/monsters, but she is very kind and humorous. She always cares about her family and friends no matter what happens. When she tries really hard on something, she wants to achieve or save it, and she will never give up for it. (thus her soul is purple, the soul of perseverance.)


Framn has many abilities. She can play violin, sing, and dance ballet. Her hobbies are to draw and cook/bake. But she is not very talented at studying. In battle, she uses her own swords as a weapon and summons her gaster blasters. She can also stop time for a short while.


Frisk/Chara: Framn meets Frisk (and Character) when she is 15 years old. They become very good friends. Framn even gave a snowflake hair pin to Frisk. However, as they understand more about each other, the more they get depressed. Later, during the genocide run or a neutral run, if Frisk (or Chara) kills Framn's family, (Sans and Papyrus), Framn will not go down without a fight.

Sans: Framn was raised by the assistants of Gaster ever since she was two years old, and one of them was Sans. Sans was one of the most important monster in her life because he told her many interesting and captivating things, even though he was a lazybones. Sans was always there for her. Framn loves Sans. (It's still undetermined wether Framn loves Sans as her brother or loves Sans as her crush.) They always look like they're great buddies, but sometimes they argue about Framn's parents, because Sans wouldn't tell Framn what happened. He won't tell her until she is old enough. Sans was the one who taught Framn science and math, and he also taught her how to fight.

Papyrus: Papyrus also lied with Framn since she was young. He was another monster that important to Framn. He always tried his best to let Framn live happily, and helped with what she wanted to do as her family. He was also the one that looked for three. (Sans, Framn, and himself.) Most of the food was pasta, though. Papyrus also spent a lot of time with Framn.

Muffet: Framn met Muffet when she was six years old, (when she was allowed to leave Snowdin for the first time.) She was caught by Muffets webs while passing through the Spider Bakery, but Muffet liked her. She invited Framn to eat sweets with her. Muffet was the first friend that Framn ever made. Since that day, Muffet and Framn began baking sweets together.

Undyne: Framn met Undyne when she was seven, when she was out walking through the underground. Undyne started attacking Framn, thinking that she was a human. However, Sans just happened to be passing by, and managed to save Framn, then explain the situation about how Framn was half human and half monster to Undyne. (Author Charmella's note about Sans: "HE'S A STALKER!!!!")

Alphys: Framn met Alphys when she was seven.  At first, Sans took Framn to Alphys's lab to navigate the underground. When Framn met Alphys, Alphys showed Framn anime to attempt to befriend Framn. And she actually loved the art style of it so learned to draw it. And as she met Alphys more, they became close friends, and watched a lot of anime together. (One of the animes they'd recommend is Sword Art Online.)


W.D. Gaster: Gaster is also the father of both Sans and Papyrus. Their mother had died years before, so Gaster was lonely. Sans and Papyrus gave a thumbs up when Gaster asked if he could marry his new lover, one of the humans who had fallen into the Underground.

Miki (Framn's mom): Miki was one of the humans who fell into the Underground. (Before Frisk.) She was the owner of the kindness soul. Like Framn, she had brown hair. Her hairstyle is also similar to Framn's seeing as she puts a ribbon in her hair to tie it up in a ponytail. Miki also had green eyes.

Location Changes


Additional Changes


After a long time passed after the war of humans and monsters, a girl named Framn was born in the underground. (As said before,) Her father was W.D Gaster, the royal scientist, and her mother, Miki, was human. Sadly, Miki died soon after she gave birth to Framn. Gaster attempted to bring Miki back from the dead, but one of his creations went wrong, and he ended up dying himself. (Or falling into his own creation. It's still unclear.) This happened when Framn was two years old. Ever since then, Gaster's assistants, (aka his sons), Sans and Papyrus took care of Framn and raised her.

(Framn doesn't remember anything from before she was four.)

Framn doesn't remember her parents, and Sans and Papyrus never told her what happened, so she grew up happily. She made friends, became able to fight, and had many hobbies.

However, when Framn was 12, she started to wonder why she looked different from the other monsters. Because of this, she started researching about her body, finding out that there was a place called the surface, and a creature called a "human." She also asked Sans about her parents, but Sans didn't answer her. (When she argued with Sans she became completely bone and and had a different appearance for the first time.) When Framn was 15 years old, she met Frisk.


The rest of the story cannot be told yet.