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Foiltale is an Undertale AU that answers the question: what is Chara's soul is doing throughout a True Pacifist Run?

Story Synopsis

Asriel has been given a chance to help Chara redeem themself, saving their soul from an eternal limbo so that they too can pass on. Chara must learn to have H.O.P.E. instead of L.O.VE.[FIGHT]ing Monsters’ inner fears and insecurities all the while Frisk shows them [MERCY] in the physical world. Runs concurrently with Frisk’s True Pacifist Run, but in a mirror-like realm to the original game.


H.O.P.E.Having Optimism and Persevering through Everything

Foils - The Undertale selves that Chara faces are the "foils" to their canon-verses. "… a character that has characteristics that oppose another character, usually the protagonist. The foil character may be completely opposite to the protagonist, or very similar with one key difference.” (literary definition)

Falling/Fallen/Fell - The act of "falling" into the Underground. Humans that fall can be referred to as "fallen" to deferintiate between them an other humans still on the surface.

Setting - "Foilverse"

It looks the same as in the Undertale game, but has a slight haze in the air and overall grimmer look. The water looks glossy, like liquid mercury, and Chara can see Frisk on the other side if they peer into it. A heavy, gloomy feeling looms about and the inhabitants seem to have all but given up hope.














  • Flowey doesn't exist in the Foilverse per-say, rather he's only an entity of the canon-verse and Asriel takes his place in the Foilverse. Asriel is aware of Flowey's actions and is both saddened and ashamed of them, but can't do anything to stop him.
    • Chara takes Frisk's place in a similar sense.
  • The AU's creator is undecided, but the Foil versions of the characters could either not see each other as their foil versions, or they can see each others as foils, but that would be the norm for them so they wouldn’t think anything of it anyway.
    • Except for Sans; he’s kind of all-seeing and omnipresent in that way.
  • DemonicFoxtrot (aka InkedFoxtrot) did almost all the sprite recolorings. They also designed Foiltale's logo/banner.
    • The sprite of Chara is credited to SkelyHat on deviantArt. DemonicFoxtrot merely edited a little and colored it.