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Fivedaytale is a Chinese AU which includes jokes about the original version. Because of the jokes included in this AU, some plot is changed. It contains some crossovers such as Cat Mario, and the 'I Wanna Be the Guy' series.



Frisk is a 15-year-old girl who is filled with determination, flirting and some swearing. She likes discussing the plot as some players do.


Chara is an about 16-year-old girl who likes chocolate and being alone. She sometimes says some suggestive words about the plot.


Like the source game, Asriel is a kid who wants himself to be different.


Sans is Papyrus's younger brother who is considered as the weakest monster in the Underground but he likes to have single combat with others.


Papyrus is Sans's elder brother who always gets Sans in trouble. His personality is somewhat opposite to his personality in Undertale: speechless, good at cooking and anemic.