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Fanontale is a parody AU where every character is like their most common terrible fandom interpretations. Blueberry, Carrot and Fanon Underfell Sans also exist in this AU as they are terrible interpretations as well (and because fanon usually is just the skelebro's), and Ralsei is added just for the heck of it.

In-universe explanation for this AUs creation

One day, Ink Jerry finally had good wifi, and went on the internet to look at what the Undertale fandom was posting. However, the wifi started to become bad again, and Jerry threw a ball of paint onto his phone, wich made the phone malfunction and turn into an AU.



A 9 year old girl, she's a crybaby who wouldn't even harm a fly. For some reason she had a flower pot with her when she fell down. She also curses a lot.


The embodiement of all evil (except of one person) in the Underground. They are hell-bent on killing everyone, and try to push Frisk into doing genocide. They're a spectre only Frisk can see, and are obsessed with knives and chocolate. Especially chocolate. Also tries to kill Frisk if they refuse to erase the world after the Genocide route.


The most normal compared to his Undertale counterpart, with the main difference being the fact Frisk decided to carry him around in a flower pot.


Younger and way more sexualized than her Undertale counterpart, having a love relationship with Sans. She is also even more overprotective than canon Toriel.


Just has crippling depression 24/7. That's all there is to him.


An extremely edgy and lazy skeleton with a constantly blue glowing eye, who blasts people into oblivion for even the slightest amount of exp, but takes nothing else seriously. Has a love relationship with Toriel, but after meeting Frisk after she was forced to reset because he kept killing her for accidentally killing Toriel, he falls in love with her, which ends him up arrested for attempted pedophilia after True Pacifist.


A completely innocent skeleton who wouldn't even harm a fly and is completely unaware of the genocide route. However, when someone who isn't his brother makes a pun, he won't rest until their house is burned down to the ground. Is extremely addicted to cooking and eating spaghetti (Dinosaur oatmeal? What is that), and has very big eyes. Also has a relation with Mettaton.


A small innocent super adorable child with a bow instead of a scarf and light blue stars as eyes.


A weed smoking lazy skeleton, and Blueberry's older brother.

Fell (UF Sans)

A jerk who curses and insults people all the time, and threathens to kill basically everyone he encounters.


The most evil being, even more than Chara.

Monster Kid

A jerk coming straight out of Underfell.


A loud fish warrior who flexes rocks and kills humans just because she can. She's also super musculair and absolutely huge, towering over Frisk.


Instead of a terrible fandom interpretation, Ralsei is instead based on a meme, having a gun to "pacify" people. He's a boss in Waterfall.

Mad Dummy



Alphys is a massive pervert, always stuttering unless talking about anime.


Mettaton is mostly the same, except he is always in his (more sexualized) EX form and has a relation with Papyrus, as well as a dick.




A slightly less evil version of Chaos King. Also super muscular.


A completely innocent cinnamon roll who wouldn't even harm a fly, yet is a bit edgy.


Sans and Papyrus' father, who gained nearly complete control over the timelines after falling into the CORE. He's completely indestructable.


  • Error can't erase Fanontale due to having a shield made of terribleness around it.
  • Even Ink doesn't like the AU's existance.
  • The AU's protector is the one and only Ink Jerry.


  • Fontcest isn't a thing in this, because that's going a bit too far, even for Fanontale.