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For original SOUL colors in Undertale, see SOUL Modes and Eight Humans.

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SOUL colors represent what type of SOUL you have.The original SOUL colors from Undertale are as follows:

  • Red (Determination*)
  • Cyan (Patience)
  • Orange (Bravery)
  • Blue (Integrity)
  • Purple (Perseverance)
  • Green (Kindness)
  • Yellow (Justice)

Custom SOUL (color)

Fan made SOUL Colors are as follows:

Human White SOUL Color (Dynamitale)


Represents Altruism (Only in humans).

Characters with Altruism SOUL TRAITs:

  • Mal

Grey SOUL Color


Represents Unknown/Magical Power.

Characters with Magical Power SOUL TRAIT:

  • Muffet, In FandomTale or UTAUwikiTale
  • Chara, in RedemptionTale

Blood Red SOUL Color 


Represents Spite                                                              

A trait thought to be lost long ago. A spite SOUL can allow the person to copy other traits and its abilities, and disguise as the trait it mimics. 

Characters with the Spite SOUL:   

  • Aster 

Custom SOUL (Type)



Original idea from X-Tale. Half SOULs are SOULs that are half human and half monster meaning one side is always upside down and white. Characters with Half SOULs:

  • Cross!Sans

Alphasaith's (Undertale Rho) custom SOULs

Main article: Undertale Rho SOUL TRAITs


Camila Cuevas's (Glitchtale) custom SOULs

Main article: Glitchtale SOUL TRAITs

Dark Orange SOUL Color

Dark Orange SOUL (Glitchtale)

Natural Fear

Natural Fear is specific to a Bravery Soul trait. When a Bravery Soul is struck with fear, it turns dark orange.

Known Bearers:

Spell-Made Fear

Spell-Made Fear is the result of using an inversion spell on a Bravery Soul. It equals in power to Determination, and was created by Agate Lightvale, to give her a chance to beat him in combat.

Known Bearers:

Grey SOUL Color

Grey SOUL (Glitchtale)

A Grey Soul is not a Soul trait. Rather, it is the lack of one.

Anyone can lose their Soul trait, which will result in it turning grey.

Known Bearers:

Empty SOUL Color

Empty SOUL (Glitchtale)

An Empty Soul is a Soul that had its magic forcibly drained out. These Souls still possess their traits, but they do not have any magic.

Known Bearers:

  • Cam
  • The other humans that were killed in Betty's Soul Harvest.

Two-Traited/Rainbow Souls

Due to their close relativity, they will be sorted in the same section. Two-traited Souls and the Rainbow Soul are 2 individual Souls. They both contain more than one trait within them, leads to a multi-colored Soul.

Known Bearers:

  • Amber Lightvale (formerly; Kindness and Integrity)
  • Rave Rutrow (Justice and Perseverance)
  • Asriel (his Soul is a combination of all 7 traits, with its container being what was left of Chara's Determination Soul)

LunaDeaminac's (Akintale) custom SOULs

Mid-tone Blue SOUL Color

Represents Loyalty.

Characters with the Loyal SOUL TRAIT:

White SOUL Color

Represents the ability to change. Characters, both human and monster, have no set trait and can always change.

Characters with this ability:

  • Every monster in Akintale (except all Gasters excluding Papyrus and Mimicry)

Tinted SOUL

Halfway between Human SOUL colors and the Akin white SOUL. They can change but it is extremely unlikely that they'll actually do so. Characters with Tinted SOULs:

Embedded SOUL

A SOUL that has a piece of someone else's SOUL embedded in it. Gives the two beings a permanent connection and some abilities from the sacrificer gets passed to the other. Characters with this SOUL:

Fractured SOUL

Represents emotional suffering and self-loathing. Characters with a fractured SOUL:

Metallic and Crystal SOUL

The SOULs of most immortals and of Ace's birth family, gives immunity to attacks that directly damage the SOUL.

MIA's/WikiP's/HPG's Custom SOULs

Corrupted SOUL

The Corrupted SOUL is a SOUL that counterparts the Infected SOUL. Similar abilities between the two including Grey Liquid and the Sickness. The Corrupted SOUL allows for reality warping with few limits, at the cost of the Sickness.
Corrupted SOUL

Characters with the Corrupted SOUL:

  • S.T (All Generations)
  • Elizabeth (Gen 1)

Facade SOUL

The Facade SOUL lets you put a secondary weaker SOUL over and already existing SOUL, to hide or protect it.

Characters with the Facade SOUL:

  • S.T (Gen 9)
  • Swap (Gen 2)

Raytaygirl's (Soultale) Custom SOULS

White SOUL


Monsters with the White SOUL in Soultale haven't found their trait or personality that fits with the SOUL types. Humans normally have this SOUL.

Characters with the White SOUL:

  • Mettaton
  • Frisk

Determination SOUL


The Determination soul in Soultale means Deceased. This SOUL is only obtainable if a monster were brought back to life with Alphys' determination experiments or was shattered across space and time. The soul is a dark red color.

Monsters with the Determination SOUL:

  • Flowey
  • W.D Gaster

Createtale SOULS


Dedication (UserTale Undyne's soul)

A human soul with the trait Dedication. People with this trait are dedicated to their work, hence their SOUL TRAIT. The SOUL is hot pink in color.

Characters with Dedication SOUL(s):

  • The Demon



A human soul with the trait Rectitude. They have honor, integrity and righteousness. The SOUL is blue-violet in color.

Characters with the Rectitude SOUL(s):

  • Create!Sans



A human soul with the trait Audacity. They are bold, daring and sometimes rude. The SOUL is scarlet in color.

Characters with Audacity SOUL(s):

  • Stylus



A human soul with the trait Understanding. The name says it all. The SOUL is light teal in color.

Characters with Understanding SOUL(s):

  • Scrap



A human soul with the trait Grit. They are passionate, bold and fearless. The SOUL is flesh tone in color

Characters with Grit SOUL(s):

  • Etch



A human soul with the trait Courage. They are brave, confident, lawful and caring. The soul is yellow-orange in color. It is unclear if COURAGE is a balance of BRAVERY and JUSTICE or a truly unique TRAIT.  

Characters with Courage SOUL(s):

  • Destroyer

ADgee's Custom SOULs


A rare SOUL trait that can be used by Humans mostly. The color is golden. It's known to be a rare mutation of the Determination SOUL, having 0.05% chance of happening naturally, and as well can be obtained with a strong magic spell or with an experiment. Legends say this SOUL gives the user the power to break and defy the universe/game's nature, and as well to see beyond the code.


Disclaimer: This is my take on the trait.

A special kind of SOUL that is present on most monsters, and rarely on humans. This SOUL trait allows the user to have and use magic without the need of artifacts or spells. People from both races with this trait are known to be very forgiving and merciful, even when their own lives are in risk.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Papyrus Serif (C-UT!Papyrus)
  • Comic Sans Serif (C-UT!Sans)
  • Calligraph Gaster (W.D Gaster's lost brother, formerly)
  • Acer Opera (The only human)

Olive SOUL

The olive-colored SOUL represents Fairness. A person with this SOUL trait is fair and impartial, and will decide the right thing for a specific person or group.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Ryan

Static SOUL

This one is a VERY, very rare kind. The color is composed by small pieces in both white, black and light grey. This SOUL is obtained when someone has fallen into the VOID, and reverted to normal when outside. The static represents the fact of being "fallen over", "fractured" or "broken", as a real life static is seen when a TV is broken.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Calligraph Gaster (currently)

Rdococ1's Custom SOULs

Curiosity (Reddish Purple)

A human SOUL with the Curiosity trait is determined to know everything there is to know about the world. In a future, as of yet unnamed AU, the Curiosity trait will take the place of Determination. Those with this SOUL trait are most often scientists.

Curiosity most resembles the original trait of Perseverance, in that both would take notes and view things analytically. Their motives, however, are different: Curiosity is driven by a desire to learn and understand, while Perseverance is driven by a desire to overcome the obstacles in their path.

Honesty (Camo Green)

A human SOUL with the Honesty trait almost always tells the truth, and almost never tries to psychologically manipulate anyone. They are also usually more forgiving, and have fewer regrets on average than other SOULs. This allows them not to hold as much back as they would if they still had regrets and reservations, and they are also more likely to risk their own lives for what they think is right.

Honesty most resembles the original traits of Bravery, Kindness and Integrity. It is Brave because honest SOULs are more likely to risk their own lives for what is right, because they hold fewer regrets. It is Kind because being honest is an inherently kind thing to do. It has Integrity, in the dictionary sense, in that honest SOULs generally treat people fairly.

KittyKittenton's Custom SOULs


A human SOUL that has the trait of Compassion. Those with this soul have feelings for others, and he/she does not want anyone to be hurt.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Mithelle Johnson
  • Lavender Johnson (formerly)


A human SOUL that has the trait of Murder. This is a negative SOUL, and can often be seen upside-down, like a Monster SOUL. This is the opposite of a soul that is unknown as of yet. Those with this soul will have a bloodlust at certain times, and will do anything to see murder happen with their own eyes.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • The Papyrus in the Hooded Jacket (formerly)
  • Crimson Johnson


A human SOUL that has the trait of Optimism. Those with this soul are always on the bright side of life, and love to hear people laugh and see them smile.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Andreanna Johnson
  • Sylvia Johnson
  • Sarah Johnson

Dark Green

A human SOUL that has the trait of Pessimism. This is a negative SOUL, and can be often seen upside-down, like a Monster SOUL. This is the opposite of the Pink SOUL of Optimism. Those with this soul are looking at the negative aspects of life, and they sometimes cry in their sleep.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Andr----- ------- (unknown as of yet)

Pale Green

A human SOUL that has the trait of Cruelty. This is a negative SOUL, and can be often seen upside-down, like a Monster SOUL. This is the opposite of the Lavender SOUL of Compassion. Those with the soul are always looking forward to torturing those around them, and will not show any mercy to those they do torture.

Characters with this SOUL:

  • Krystalis Johnson (unknown as of yet)