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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

Echotale is an AU created by Yoralim on Tumblr which features Gaster!Sans and Frisk as the main protagonists.

In the True Lab, an experiement on determination was taking place. However, the experiement falied and created the SHIFT. This created the Echotale version of Gaster!Sans. After the SHIFT took place, the underground becomes corrupted and everyone is erased except Gaster!Sans and Echo!Frisk. Gaster!Sans tries to take Echo!Frisk to the CORE. By doing that, Echo!Frisk will have to infuse their DT in the CORE, resetting the timeline and bringing everybody back. Yet something about the CORE makes the task difficult at hand.


CORE - When the two feel they are around the place, the CORE would vanish and re-locate itself somewhere else. This is caused by the SHIFT. The place moves around constantly and re-arranges itself. There might be a possibility that the CORE is everywhere.

Due to the SHIFT, the Underground overlapped locations at the same time. It is difficult to tell between places. The way to tell which location is which, is by the "rules" that apply there.


Echo Flowers - The Echo Flowers replaces the golden flowers in the AU. They are the most stable thing around and holds the strongest magic and sanity of the CORE.