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Note from the Creator:

I know that this AU is cancelled, but I would have to say a huge thanks for Flowerfell to exist. Without it and without its wiki page, I would've not created this AU and I would not be proud of it. I tried my best for it to not be a complete copy, so if anything seems just way to similar to Flowerfell, I would be happy to change it slightly! (but not the echo flowers on the body. That is a main part of the story.)

For Echo Flowers's inspiration source, see Flowerfell.

Echo Flowers is an AU mainly focusing on the ship, Frans. The creator doesn't like the ship, however they don't despise it. The story takes place in Waterfall in a soulless pacifist route, Snowdin and the Barrier.



Frisk is 22 years old with Echo Flowers growing on her body over time. She can easily take the flowers off but refuses to removed the ones on her face and mid-chest area because she likes them. She is depressed and has a desire to die, however she can't stand the sight of blood.


Sans is 24 years old. Not much is known about him.


Echo Flowers - The communication system has been changed from monster phones to Echo Flowers. These are placed around each area of the underground for a specific person like how Sans has one in Snowdin and Frisk has one in Waterfall.



  • Frisk now lives in Waterfall due to her knowing that Undyne is too strong for her to beat.