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Asgore Dreemurr
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Cruantale is about a tragic war between monsters and monsters, the after effect it had on the monster civilization


After the monsters were trapped, and 6 souls were acquired. Asgore, was overthrown with grief, in that moment killed himself. And the result this caused was chaos.

Sans had lead the army to repel Undyne from the crown; Undyne obviously lead the other army. The war raged on for many, many days, nights, and weeks till.. Sans grew ambitious and loosing supplies decided to ambush Undyne's army in Waterfall. Undyne's troops were waiting, as a result, Sans's army lost, Undyne claimed the thrown, and Sans, well, went home.

Upon going home, Papyrus had received word of Sans's betrayal. When Sans came home, Papyrus in a fit of anger, hit Sans, betraying him. Sans, with the little HP he had, was dying. He managed to teleport to Gaster's lab, where, because of an error, Gaster was not in the void. Gaster, frightened, ran to his side. Gaster then had the data needed to resurrect him. He took 18 of Sans' souls, from 18 timelines prior to the betrayal. He then took a human soul, Nerviance, and killed them, took their soul as the final binding resource needed to bring him back. He had to replace them.. if he didn't there would be another error... so he replaced Nerviance with 'Frisk', thus Nerviance was never remembered, forgotten, as Frisk took their place. After fusing the 18 souls by taking pieces of each, and using the outer of the human soul to keep the soul together, sans was put into a chamber were he would be healed by a 'false healer,' or in other words.. a machine that healed. Undyne had promoted Papyrus to the captain of the royal guard.. Papyrus.. was guilty for hurting sans.. he cant bare the thought that he killed him so, each and everyday, he patrols around to find sans. He never finds him.. Papyrus began making soup.. from the scarce resources he could afford. Alphys now had paper work to do.. a lot because of all the lives lost she had to fill them in, or find people to take the jbs. Mettaton, the star, was once called that, before during the war insulting the people, taking sides no one liked, the process he lost his arm. Alphys repaired it, but added it in the wrong place. Mettaton lost their job, and now does paper work with Alphys. After Sans awoke, Gaster did tests on him.. this time, shooting pure liquid void in his right socket. this caused him not only to become color blind, but made him un-able to feel anything. With all this testing.. he got an anti, an anti only to activate under pressure, and if touching humans. Gaster made pills for him.. needed to prevent him from ging anti and killing monsters. Gaster grew jealous of the other AUs and made the scissors of destruction. Scissors capable of erasing an au with remains. Sans saw this as immoral, and betrayed Gaster, making him fall into the core along with his creation. Muffet was rich, success was great, she had bought out all the competition with the money, and reunited the spiders. Because of the war she had lowered prices, in which monsters bought more of. She soon built an empire. Drin a monster that was hidden because of the competition, rose, and opened shop selling tape (the character is a comedy character trust me). Mad Dummy became a drunk, and Toriel the same, checking the ruins. Astary (Asgore but dead) had been brought alive from a star.


  • Papyrus: Gets angry at times. Gets nervous. Tends to curse. Guilty. Lonely.
  • Undyne: Nervous. Pushes monsters to do their best. Show Off.
  • Sans: Depressed. Guilty. Knowing. Calm. Lonely.
  • Grillby: Quiet.
  • Mad Dummy: Gets Angry easily. Drunk. Curses often.
  • Astary: Acts cute. Tells, and orders Flowey what to do.
  • Flowey: Acts sad to betray people.
  • Alphys: Isnt seen, but would be nervous.
  • Mettaton: Down, sad. Depressed. Hit rock bottom. Expressionless at times.
  • Toriel: Sweet, caring, lonely. Will do anything to not be alone. 
  • Monster Kid: Shy.
  • Drin: Upbeat. Thinks he sells the best tape and everyone will buy.
  • G̴̮̗͙͈̈́ͭͨ̀asͣ͛͑̇̇ͦ҉͔̠͈ẗ̄̒̂̄e̶͎̥͕͕ͭ̒̑͐r̹̫͍͂̚: n̛̞͙̖͇̝̜̪̥̿̔̚ǫ̥̺̪̗̝̙̊̏̈͂̋͟͜ ̘͇͚ͦ̃͗͛̽ͩͬ͝ọ͎̔̏ͨ͌́̂̀̚͢͡ṉ̫͙̩̄̈̐͋̀̒̔̀è̬͍͝ ̛̤͖͓͉͗̀w̵̝̜̣͚ͤͪͮ͟i̷͓͔͂ͦ̾̀̒͞l̢̓̉̈̓̒҉̝͎̞̹͉̯̦͕͙l̸̞̮͖̟͖̼̥̻̒̀͡ ̧̬͔̳͇̭͈̮̰͋͋́k̪͖͖̫͔͚̟̀̊̄̂̑ͣ̆̀n͚̩̠͑͆̏̕o̡̺̝̮̮̲̾ͧ̆ͩͭw̹̦̘̋͐̇ͤ̎