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Createtale is a creative AU made by TheFunHasBegun. Though it may seem to be a cheerful and pleasant AU, it has a dark story, and the main character has dark intentions.

Whilst most of the characters, such as Create and Program, are oblivious to their creators intentions, others, such as Destroyer and Code, are fully aware, but are too afraid to step up and do anything.


Character Info

  • Every character suffers some type of mental disorder and have damaged souls.
  • The Demon is the main character, and is very Tord-like in the ways of her motives.
    • One example is deceiving those she called her friends in order to achieve something.
    • Another is how she will fail in her plans and get fatally injured.
  • Create's soul is like Underfresh Sans's soul, and is located in his eye.
    • However, Create does not try to hide his soul.
      • He is also not a parasite.
  • There's a total of 13 canon characters in Createtale.
    • Out of these 13, 3 of them are characters the creator made up herself. The other 10 are canon characters in Undertale.
  • The Sans and Gaster quantity is the same, there being 2 of each.
    • The 2 Sanses are Create and Destroyer, and the 2 Gasters are Scrap and Ceramic.
  • All the characters excluding The Demon, Andromeda and Isla are named after some type of art/video game mechanics.
  • When the main Createtale banner was drawn, there were only 6 canon characters.

Main Characters

  • The Demon
  • Create
  • Destroyer
  • Scrap
  • Stylus
  • Andromeda

Secondary Characters

  • Etch
  • Glass
  • Code
  • Isla
  • Sketch
  • Program
  • Ceramic

Tertiary Characters

These characters are not in-codes of Createtale.

  • Snowpea (Legendswap Sans)
  • Two-Tone (Legendswap Gaster)
  • King (Legendswapfell Gaster)
  • Omnipotent Gaster
  • Red (Underfell Sans)
  • Edge (Underfell Papyrus)
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Asgore

OCs of Popular AUs

  • Angel (Underfell Steph)
  • Perpetua
  • Esme


  • The comic has a mature rating due to profane language.
  • The comic is still a W.I.P, and none of the two made pages are on the internet.