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CosmicTale is about a child who's world was ripped apart and reformed as all the different AUs. The child wants to serve as a protector but ends up being worse at their job then expected. And things get even worse when a new entity comes to light, something that was forged from the leftovers of their world, a psychotic being named Kritanta (the name of the Indian god/goddess of death) who craves for their missing pieces, the AUs.

Cosmic Void

Cosmic Void looks to be around 16 years of age, but his age is inconsistent due to his time in deep space, he has no gender but looks more masculine. He weighs 110 lbs and is 5'5". He has wavy cosmic hair that constantly changes, snow white skin, black eyes and has an attire like something you may see in a syfy movie mixed with Outertale or anything space related. He can manipulate dark matter to create seemingly impossible items and weapons or anything they touch. He cannot teleport or create portals but can create objects that do that for them. Cosmic Void is easily amused and likes to entertain himself with memes and vines and usually tries to make others join in on the fun, voluntarily or not. He tends to spend a lot of time in space, mostly because earths atmosphere makes him physically ill, but also so he can practice with his dark matter power, his power over dark matter allows him to create anything he touches. He can create food but prefers it to be made by someone with cooking skill and not with his magic. Cosmic likes tacos and spaghetti but prefers steak, burgers or any sort of meat. Cosmic takes no sides in fights, they only sits back and enjoy the show unless he feels like cheating is involved or he is being directly attacked. He can speak to the creator of their world (IcedInsomnia) and has always wondered why no one else can hear what he hears. Cosmic is actually afraid of spiders and possession so whenever he is near Muffet, Mettaton, Napstablook or the angry dummy he goes into a panic and try to escape. It is Cosmic's goal to unite the heroes and villains of the multiverse so they can rely on each other for support. He have grown an interest in Ink, Dream, Cross, Dead End, Necros, ext. He likes Error, Nightmare and the other destroyers of worlds but doesn't think they would share his views. Cosmic can speak multiple languages and understands most fonts, including hands and wingdings. Languages include the basics like English, Spanish, French, Japanese, ext. He also knows different types of sign language to help with communication throughout the multiverse. Cosmic had always hoped to have a head to head fight with the heroes and villains of the multiverse, wanting to finally have a fun, full out battle and see who's finally the strongest.