The setting of AUs using the Grim/Noble and Dark/Bright Spectrum.

Noble vs. Grim
  • A noble setting isn't one where everyone is good, more like one where people are active.
  • A grim world, no matter what you do, an individual can't secure more than an individual victory, if even that, because the rest of the world is too big, scared, powerless, and/or selfish to act upon their impulse.
Bright vs. Dark
  • A bright world is one full of opportunity, of wondrous sights to behold. It doesn't mean there's no threat, it can be dangerous, but your first instinct when looking at a new location should be awe and wonder: people may adventure to save the world, but they leave town with a smile upon their face, eager to see what comes next. The shadow of Risk is largely erased by the glint of Adventure. In a bright world, it's quite possible for people to go on adventure just because, since the journey is its own reward.
  • A dark world is one where life sucks, and something or someone is poised to kill everybody else in the story, if it has its way everyone dies and they die for good.

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