The time where the AU's plot happens. All of these are sub-types of Concept Change.


AUs that cover the backstories of characters and lore or change the backstories, leaving most other things the same.

Special Event

AUs that change the plot before or in the middle of the reset-able timeline (Any time before the endings).

The change affects most or all characters, otherwise it belongs in Character-centered.


AUs in this category should be moved to the proper subcategories.

AUs that are sequels to the original Undertale or other AUs.

They are set after a route (Leaving the Underground/Destroying the world). Otherwise, it belongs in Special Event.


AUs that happen after the Pacifist Route.


AUs that happen after the Neutral Route.


AUs that happen after the Genocide Route.

Post-/Soulless Pacifist AUs go here.

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