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- Introduction

Canvas Sans Origin

The whole Alternate Universe of Canvas!Tale started off with W.D Gaster wanted to experiment with souls and magical/artificial objects, Gaster took some dust of a dead Sans and requested ink from Ink Sans, Ink agreed and handed over some of his ink and Gaster began to make the new soul.

At 90% completion, Error!Sans intruded and tried to destroy the new soul, The Blue strings wrapped around the soul, but it took them in as DNA and the soul finished developing, and a black skeleton like Error appeared in a balled-up position, It opened its eyes and looked at Ink sans who went over and greeted the new skeleton with a smile.

The new skeleton was confused and looked at error, then Gaster, Gaster introduced himself as his creator and introduced the new skeleton to error and ink.

The new skeleton looked at inks colors and poked the bottles on inks vest, curious about the colors, ink noticed and made a quick picture for the skeleton, and the skeleton was amazed and wanted to see more, after 3 more demonstrations, the skeleton tried it out for himself and made an art canvas out of thin air from his finger, That's when gaster decided to name his creation, Canvas!Sans.

Canvas!Sans spent his first few days with Ink to learn the basics then for more advanced things (after ink gave him clothes of course) and Canvas began to make worlds of his own, after centuries of practice, Canvas!Sans made his own AU and his created brother Canvas!Papyrus, and the rest of his friends including Canvas!Frisk.

But one of Canvas' practices came back to reform and haunt his world, they would take the form of Canvas!Chara, who mimicks Canvases ability to create thing out of ink.

After 2 years of the Canvas AU, Canvas!Chara attacked Canvas!Sans at his station, and that's when Error!Sans's side of Canvas!Sans unlocked as, during the fight, Canvas summoned red strings from his hands and snared Charas soul, shattering it to pieces and turning chara to nothing but a weak puddle of ink.

Canvas!Tale Characters


This Sans is like the majority of other Sanses with a lazy attitude and a thing for puns, but instead of hotdogs, he makes what he calls rainbow chunk cookies, they are cookies with chocolate chunks colored to look like rainbows.

This Sans wears a Blue hoodie with dark blue pockets and light blue forearms and his bones are black like errors bones, Canvas!Sans also has a dark grey hood on his hoodie and has dark red shorts with two yellow stripes on each side, along with a smaller pair of plain dark red shorts underneath, Canvas!Sans also wears dark grey socks with plum colored slippers in the same style to Undertale Sanses slippers, Sans also has splatters of ink and paint all over his clothes but none on his actual bones.

Canvas!Sanses eyes, nosehole, and teeth are a blue color similar to his jacket, except when he is upset, his right eye turns into a grey, black, and plum color and grey vapor billows out of it

Canvas Sans has ink blasters and black bone bullets and has a soul power he can use only, turning the soul rainbow and making it have to go into colored spots in order to not take damage, Canvas can also use paint brushes to make living things from his ink to help him fight, as well as summoning a single other sans to help him.


Papyruses skeleton is white, unlike Canvas Sans, and his battle body is a deep blue color with black highlights and a black scarf with a blue edge to it, along with ink splats simmilar to Canvas Sans

Papyruses abilitys are simmilar to Canvas Sans, except the soul changing and paint brushes, papyrus can, in fact, use gaster blasters in this AU

-More coming soon-