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BroTale is an AU created by Ferox. It follows the stories of two couple of twin-brothers, one story ties to the other. The First Story ties the first twin brother, Chara, with his best friend's story, Ferox's story a.k.a. the second couple first twin brother. The first story explains in it's way the events that occurred before the normal Undertale Timeline, even before Flowey's Story.

The twin brothers couples are Frisk and Chara, Ferox and Gladio.

Yes, Chara and Frisk are Males.

Yes. Sansby, AsRiel, Alphyne, Paffett, ??? and Monsk are/can be canon but only for the meta-humans and some monsters, since some characters have a different ship and some ships are non-existent for Gladio's/Ferox's choice.

Chara's and Ferox's/Gladio's Story (The prequel)

The story follows Chara and Ferox/Gladio, three boys physically abused by their parents, the Rulers of Humanity, just because they refuse to fight against anyone, this after the War between Humans and Monsters, that took place in the 2003.

It takes place in 2017, during Ferox, Gladio, Frisk and Chara's adolescence.

Ferox's Dad, King Henry, is the powerful King of Humanity, the one who started the war and won.

Ferox and Chara are both Demon types of Human, being sons of 4 of the 7 Wizards who created the barrier, Ferox's Soul being the powerful Stubborness and Chara's Soul being the same as his brother Frisk, the neverending Determination.

Ferox's Dad wants Ferox to rule the Kingdom and forces him to fight with him, but the stubborn Ferox doesn't fight back once, getting beaten up in the fights and slowly developing an endless hatred for his Dad.

Henry does not take too much to discover that Ferox is not really into girls, and since the Supreme Commander of his Army, his best friend Daniel, had the same situation with his son Kevin, they decided to unite the Human Kingdom under Ferox's and Kevin's Reign, forcing the two teens to marry.

While Kevin actually had an undying love for Ferox, it turned out that Ferox already had a boyfriend, Mike, and so Ferox refused the marriage, just to end up confronting his dad in a fight the next day, because Ferox had always hated Kevin's ways to deal with people, while Mike, who loved Ferox since childhood, had been everyday the boy of Ferox's dreams in both his actions and behaviour (and well, he was also handsome to Ferox's eyes).

Then, Ferox literally goes Demon-Mode when his dad fights him, killing him in the process. After Ferox's Soul gets plagued by sins, Ferox's Mother tries to kill him to avenge her husband, but Ferox overpowers her and she dies.

Ferox's Soul Trait, the Stubborness, gave him amazing abilities such as absorbing a Human Soul to consume it's Determination and keeping it in his Soul's Special Hell, where he put his Parent's Souls.

After these events, Ferox is now scared of what he became, talks to his brother Gladio and tells him he will go to visit Chara.

There, Ferox finds out Chara was beaten up by his dad again, and this time, Ferox snaps and kills Chara's and Frisk's Parents the moment he sees them hurting Frisk.

Chara is horrified and runs away, wanting to jump down Mt.Ebott to "escape" Ferox, who's just trying to calm Chara telling him he actually saved both of them and freed the village from the evil guys.

Chara grabs his knife once Ferox reaches him in the caves on top of the mountain and threatens to stab him, but while an over-emotional and sad Ferox tried to back away, Chara trips in a vine on the ground, falling before Ferox's crying eyes, who becomes even more crazed in desperation.

Believing Chara is dead, Ferox goes berserk and decides to kill the last six bullies of the village, Kevin's Gang, a.k.a. Ferox's Ex-Boyfriend's Group of delinquents.

The same night Ferox slept in the caves, mourning for Chara's Disappearence.

In the morning, Ferox was prepared to ambush Kevin's Gang, but saw someone getting out of the barrier.

Ferox was literally terrified now, the Prince of Monsters, Asriel Dreemurr was there, crying and holding Chara's Body.

As the monster lover he was, Ferox did not attack Asriel, but asked what happened to Chara and how he died.

After Asriel explained him how Chara became his sibling and poisoned himself planning to give his soul to Asriel and kill Kevin and his gang, Ferox gets a little happier knowing Chara sacrificed himself to help him clear the village from those guys, and tells Asriel that he was planning the same thing.

Kevin's Gang arrives there to patrol, and notices Ferox next to Asriel.

They become alarmed and threatens to attack, when Ferox just bursts in telling that Asriel is innocent and Chara poisoned himself just to give Asriel his soul to overcome the barrier and kill the gang.

Kevin gets mad and his gang attacks, but Ferox with just 5 stabs clears the gang out.

Kevin gets literally furious and shoots Asriel but Ferox gets in the way, taking the hit.

However, Ferox's fat body is not enough, and he gets pierced by the bullet, that then hits Asriel, mortally wounding him.

Ferox consumes Chara's Dad Soul and comes back to life, jumping on Kevin and stabbing him, killing him in the process.

A revived Ferox tries to give Asriel the six souls he needs, but discovers that Asriel died right after taking Chara's Body back in the Barrier and he can't do anything anymore.

Wrecked with grief Ferox tells everyone that Chara jumped down the mount and he died, causing his best friends, the original six souls, to run to the Ebott, failing to stop five of them from jumping.

The first was Sarah (Light Blue Soul), then Viper (Orange Soul), then Noura (Blue Soul), then Alex (Violet Soul) and the last one, Luke (Green Soul).

When Ferox's dearest friend Richard (Yellow Soul), decides to jump, Ferox can't take it anymore, as he fails to convince him to not jump.

Prior to this day, Richard were Gladio's boyfriend, but then they argued and Gladio broke up with him and found Kimi, his actual girlfriend, leaving Richard heartbroken.

When Richard is about to jump, Ferox threatens to jump too, but they both gets stopped by five people, Ferox's brother Gladio, Kimi, Kimi's brother Alphonse, Viper's little brother Lawrence and Ferox's boyfriend Mike. 

Failing to persuade Richard from jumping, Ferox goes next to him and says he's ready to protect him Underground.

As Richard jumps, Ferox does too, and Mike, Gladio and everyone else falls, following Ferox desperately in the Underground.

They land on Jerry, who was in the wrong place at the wrong moment, sending it in a comatose status.

Richard is nowhere to be found, and Ferox, after both Mike and Gladio yelled at him, reunited the group, and walked through the Ruins.

Sparing every single monster encountered, they reached Toriel, Ex-Queen of the Monsters, who let them go without asking anything.

Ferox went out with the group and found Sans, who recognized Ferox as his friend before the war and told them Richard was taken to King Asgore's Castle.

Knowing that Ferox wanted to rescue Richard, Sans told Ferox that they could go to the castle via teleportation, but when they went there it was too late, Richard was already put in a coffin and Asgore had his soul in his paws.

Ferox reasoned with Asgore, telling him he haves 9 souls and will hand them over to him if he returns his friend's souls and corpses.

Asgore was about to accept when an angered Jerry enters the room and stabs Ferox and Gladio from their backs, making Ferox feel mad and betrayed.

Ferox saved his brother for a while giving him their Mother's Soul, while he absorbed his Dad's Soul and came fully back to life.

Ferox discovered that his high L.O.V.E had corrupted his soul and his Stubborness pumped out a hell of Determination, being ten times more powerful than a Determined Soul, and made his knife glow of a very dark red.

Mixed up with his betrayed feeling, Ferox trapped Jerry in a bubble of determination, where timelines themselves can't work properly, and stabbed furiously the ground, creating a red shockwave that turned every monster but Jerry into a soul crystal, trapping both the monster's dust and soul with powers in it, just to find himself in an abyss, as the hit literally replasmated the whole underground into an abyss with only the crystals, his friends's corpses and souls, Chara included, a bubbled Jerry, a terrorized 9-petal-ized Flowey, the group and a strangely glowing Ferox.

Ferox absorbed Sans's Crystal and became a being with unfathomable power, doing that, he completely balanced his Soul and his life, regenerating completely from Jerry's Hit, and found himself in a meta-human form, which was permanent.

Figuring out his new godly power, he brought back to life all of his friends giving them both their Souls and a Crystal each one of them, gave Mike and everyone else a Crystal, and gave Gladio Papyrus's Crystal.

Mike got Grillby's, Luke got Asgore's, Richard got Mettaton's, Viper got Napstablook's, Lawrence got Monster Kid's, Sarah got Toriel's, Noura got Undyne's, Alex got Alphys's, Alphonse got Mad Dummy's, Kimi got Muffet's, Chara got Gaster's.

Now the whole crew was composed of meta-humans.

Then Ferox freed Jerry from the bubble and Gladio in a fit of rage stabbed him, deleting forever Jerry's presence in any timeline of that universe.

Ferox then re-plasmated the whole Undertale into BroTale freeing it from the abyss, put Kevin's Gang's Souls in the Soul Contenitors and stabilized Chara by giving him Chara's Mom's Soul, bringing him fully to life but in a comatose state. 

Then, failing to erase the barrier, he modified it to accept the new six mean souls and recreated the full Underground as it was.

Then, he proceeded and created Soul Bracelets, linking them to every single meta-human, to make it so he and someone else will know if something happens to them.

Instead of being King, he gave the crown to Luke and took the title of Real King Undercover, but gave Luke the Kingdom.

He then took Sans's Place as Guardian of the Underground, planning to kill the next human who will fall and finally free the Underground and make Monsters and Humans peacefully live on the Surface.

Frisk's Story (The actual "game")

After the events of Chara and Ferox's stories, Frisk eventually falls into the Underground, believing that Chara's fall has been caused somehow by Ferox and seeks for him in search of answers.

The player can decide how Frisk feels, making him the actual calm boy who's still in love with Ferox and just wants to know what happened or making Frisk go mad, start a killing spree and make Ferox suffer his friends demise, just to finally reveal Ferox's true demonic nature.

The Soul Bracelets will make meta-humans transform in their Geno-Forms if Frisk decides to go on a rampage and erase all life Underground, which will be ultimately the reason why Frisk will confront the Final Boss, as the bracelets will spark life and Determination in dying bodies if the situation requires it, but will make the power in them completely burst out and so, if then they'll die, they will stay dead forever, or at least some of them.

A new threat will also appear after some Genocide Runs and if Frisk messes up too much with someone he may not be himself anymore.

Frisk can experience different routes like in Undertale, like multiple endings in the Neutral Runs, very bad experiences in the Genocide Route or free everyone in the True Pacifist ending, with some surprises and if there's a "Tainted Pacifist Run" there will be consequences.

Should ever Frisk betray Ferox's Trust in a Neutral Run, he will be in for very bad consequences in his next run, and he can decide to be pacifist or just kill and face greater consequences.

If Frisk messes too much with the timelines or just makes Ferox snap, there will be consequences...

Dying too much, with a limit of 135 deaths per boss, during a genocide battle in the period between Ferox and before or after him will result in a very tricky situation, and should the player die exactly 136 times, the sub-plot of Ferox's Grand Scheme for a possible Genocide run will apply, and the consequences will not be exactly lovely to say so.

...and should ever Frisk survive those consequences, except Ferox's Deadly Consequence, the timeline will melt and glitch into an unholy and corrupted/glitched state, and the final consequence will come from above.

There's a total of five different Routes, Neutral, Betrayal, Pacifist, Genocide and Glitch.

And there's tons of Endings in the whole game.

But there's 9 main outcomes, and one could alter your game experience forever, the only way to get rid of it is deleting it from the Game's Folder.

Which one Frisk takes, is up to the player.