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Blind Art is a three-part AU written as a story, focused on Ink, Dream, Error and Nightmare. Some characters in the AU, notably Ink as he actually has a soul, are intentionally different from their canons in terms of backstory and personality.

Note that all three of these stories include dark themes such as depression and suicide, and contain graphic depictions of violence.


The story mostly focuses on Ink, Error, Dream and Nightmare, all of them with small, intentional differences from their canon versions. From Blind Joy onwards, minor OCs will make an appearance:

Abu: an old man and the oldest human resident of Dreamtale. He sports great wisdom and a big heart, and cares for Dream almost as much as his mother did. He is a shaman of sorts, and has some knowledge in magic.

Arel: Abu's grandson and the last of his family along with him, the rest killed off by Nightmare in the past. He survived Nightmare's attack with only a permanent scar over his eye, and is often moody, distant and taciturn.  

Shenshe: a rabbit-like creature, and a close friend of Arel and Abu. She lives alone and is bold yet sentimental, and is really sorry for what their village did to Nightmare in the past and blames everyone for it. She is bent on believing peace can be restored. 

1, 2, 3, 82 and 40: some of Nightmare's minions, dark replicas of Underfell's Papyrus. 1, 2 and 3 are the elites of the army, while 82 is the only compassionate one and feels sorry for what he's forced to do. 40 is the closest he has of a friend, but is mocked by him either way.

Kamea: whilst not an OC, this is the story's representation of the human who killed Nim, here portrayed as Quetzalcoatl's creation. He's loyal only to him, and otherwise exists to be cold and ruthless.