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"Sorry dear sibling, but its my turn to divide and conquer"
– 92

Warning, this AU has some spoilers for the AU Alphatale, read at your own risk.

During the events of Chapter 1 of AlphaTale, Ten's sibling 92 grew highly interested in the idea of Aus and seeing the results of AlphaTale itself. 92 then got the idea to do the same as Ten and create a AU to rival that of their siblings: BioTale.

Unlike most AUs, BioTale was born in the TransVoid inside the book eyes and were conditioned for battle for many days and months.

Their mission is to take over and rule over all the rivaling Multiverses and bring down AlphaTale, due to the jealousy to their sibling 92 has placed a heavy price for the souls of Ten's creations and further more for all other AUs surrounding it too. BioTale has struck down many Multiverses in its time of being around

  • Multiverses Destroyed: 6
  • AUs Conquered: 20,890
  • Kill count: +10,000,000


  • Gaster: The Forgotten scientist
  • Alphys: Royal Scientist
  • Asgore: Monarch
  • Toriel: Caretaker
  • Flowey: Empty One
  • Sans: The Judge
  • Papyrus: Ambitious
  • Mettaton: Celebrity
  • Muffet: Outrageous Vender
  • Frisk: Protagonist
  • Chara: Fallen Child
  • Undyne: Captain Guard


Gaster in BioTale was one of the first beings made in the Au, in fact he was even ruler for many weeks as well until Asgore was created shortly after and took his spot on the throne. eventually Gaster retreated to the shadows and was forgotten by many until months later when the Unnameable in the UnderTale Multiverse was slain in which 92 spoke to him again and ordered for him to take charge in they're mission to liberate AUs and destroy AlphaTale.


Alphys during the early days of BioTale's awakening was brought into the system by orders of Gaster in order for her to learn under him and understand his teaching, but eventually Alphys would grow cautious of Gaster and steer away only for her to later be reset to a time without no doubt and allowing Gaster to perfectly mould her mind into his own.


Before he became Pontiff of the underground and usurped the thrown under Gaster he lived with Toriel in the lower bits of BioTale barley making it by, but then 92 interfered and gave him everything he needed in order to make the world his own and become the new King of BioTale. Soon after claiming the thrown he and his queen would soon have a son who would tragically die later that year leaving many in grief and many others with new opportunities.


Toriel lived down in the slums with her husband and was barley pregnant at the time of when he took the thrown and usurped Gaster, but eventually they would have a child and the child would pass away later that year leaving the King in destruct and eventually making him bitter and turning him into a tyrant and hateful man. One day however the queen would leave her husband and find her own path, However 92 would yet interfere giving the women the idea to start a coup against her own husband.


Flowey woke up later that year in the slums of BioTale where nothing had yet been finished and where creation bleeds and ends. Flowey with no memory or feeling he began to learn and study the world around him, he kept to himself until he was found by a large blue fish would offered him a place to stay. Flowey and the blue fish cherished they're time together however it would not last for 92 would inject a killing instinct and nature into Flowey causing him to attack his former friend and sending him into a spiral of deceit and despair.


Sans was created by the mad Doctor Gaster along with another at his side, Sans was studied and tested for flaws until 92 found him perfect and then off to training he would go. Sans trained for months at a time until his skills were near perfection and he was eligible to join the Elite Guard, however it was until that fateful day when the new human arrived that led the him to being a more laid back character since the human posed no threat and was mostly passive towards everyone...unless they got in their way. Sans and the human got along fine and sans didn't have to worry about doing his job for a long time until 92 told him of a mission that he was now assigned to.


Papyrus was created by the mad Doctor Gaster along with another at his side, Papyrus was studied and tested for flaws until 92 found him perfect and then off to training he would go. Papyrus trained for months at a time until he was perfect and could accomplish all task flawlessly and was eligible for the Elite Guard, however it was until the human came that made Papyrus more perky and quirky since the human was mostly empty and made for a great way vessel to cheer up and prep up. Papyrus grew into a great warrior and even greater friend as the times went on until he was soon relied a mission that he and many others had been tasked to do.


Mettaton was created by Doctor Alphys way after the Human arrived and was given orders to help and assist the underground with remaining happy and cheerful while also keeping a sharp eye on the human as well. Mettaton would grow into a fabulous actor and dancer as the times flew by, but it wasn't until the human began to show symptoms of a hate and a distaste for other living things outside their world is when Mettaton soon became a secret member of the Elite Guard. Mettaton kept up the act until he too was given orders to do a task that many others were assigned to.


Muffet grew up in the lowest dreg heap of the world and was rescued by a weird old turtle and then would sold to a orphanage so that she could grow and be nurtured respectfully, During Muffet's older years she soon grew a fascination for bakery and soon would start her bakery sales all over the underground in hopes of being able to buy back her own freedom some day. However one day 92 would give Muffet the requirements to be free and would allow her to become a true baker. One day however she too was given a task others were assigned to.


Frisk came into BioTale, the first created, but the last found. The human was no murder only passive. Pacifist runs were all they knew and so that's all they did for within the small time they had before they're departure Frisk had done over 30 True Resets and had yet given they're Soul to their more demonic counterpart.


Chara was the last created in BioTale and yet they were never discovered, in fact it was almost like it was intended that way.




  • It is a nearly completely non coded AU
  • It doesn't live in the Multiverse, but instead resides in the TransVoid furthest from corruption