*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

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Believe!Tale is a Character-Centered AU based around a girl named "Believe" and she had the Integrity and Justice souls fused together. One day, during the war, she tried to stop the war which ended up with her soul separating, creating Beli (Justice) and Eve (Integrity). Beli ran to MT. Ebott and fell into the Underground, while Eve purposely goes into the Underground to try and find her other soul half.



Beli has the soul half of Justice. She tries to get away from Eve since their separation. Beli replaces Asriel in the end and she becomes J U S T I C E or Omega Beli. She also wields a empty gun that turns into a bow in her Omega Form. She can only become Omega by taking the 5 human souls from Asgore.


Eve has the soul half of Integrity. She tries to find Beli in the Underground.


Believe is the two soul halves combined. Her soul is a kind of Mint Green.