Asgore Dreemurr
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Asundertale is an Undertale AU created by Elvenkin6603:16 on January 20, 2018

Chara died so they might be free..... but all it brought was misery .

Helped the Child along they did but all the got was blame.

Demon...killer, heartless monster.

The true killer is praised while they are scorned.

They can not see the truth.. or deny it!

Oh Chara hope of Humans and Monsters


Undertale Characters

Chara Dreemurr

"The First Fallen Human" who was the adopted child of Asgore and Toriel Dremurr, died in an attempt to free the monsters.... Narrator and Scapegoat of Frisk.  They were saved from madness by Jay and brought back from the dead as a result of the barriers destruction. They live with their father, the former king Asgore away from monster society due to being blamed for the Genocide run.

Asgore Dreemurr

Former king of the underground. He abnegated the throne  to rase his only surviving  child (who isn't a Demonic flower) He is plagued by Guilt ridden Nightmares due to the deaths of the Six humans. Perhaps A young man in tattered robes can help him redeem his honor.

Dr. Alphys

Royal scientist and adviser to the royal family. Deplete being kindly many fell creatures trade their origins to her, from the horrid Amalgamates to the Flowey . This horrified her so much that only her current work and her relationship with the captain of the guard keeps her from going mad.

Added Characters

Jay Herah

The Rogue Sage Wondering hedgemage and healer. Former apprentice of the Sage of Galavunt , he felt the destruction of the world of Undertale and decided to face the being who destroyed it but when he found Chara, instead of defeating them he healed them of their corruption. Before Chara restored the world Chara promised to one day Chara will aid him. Has that day now come?


"The Nightmare Queen" What darkness lies at evil heart? What malice drove the deaths all every monster? Who is this voice in the shadow. What dose it want?

Olo Terraglyth

Wizard and headmaster of the School of Magic. After hearing the inaccurate stories about Mt. Ebot  he decides to tell his student the true story (This story)


Most of the story is told by Headmaster Olo Terraglyth to some of his students

It starts at the end of the Genoside run (Though a Neutral run has also happened as hinted at later on) Frisk had just killed the last of the monsters in their way, and Flowey had appeared to grovel for his life. In one last effort Chara attempts to stop it but in the end is forced to kill Flowey by a mysterious voice. Her mind now broken they turn on Frisk and in a fit of rage wish away all human on her world.

“It was you who pushed everything to it’s edge . It was you who led the world to it’s destruction. But you can  not accept it! You  think you are above the consequences!” Chara yelled taking Frisks soul as punishment.

This destruction drew the attention of Jay Herah, a wondering mage who in an attempt t o make amends for past miss deeds wonders the universe helping people. He confronts Chara but sensing the conflict in her decides to help her instead of banishing her. He cures them of the corrupting effects of LV and fixes her damaged soul. Exhausted he soon leaves but not before trading names with her. The newly purified Chara then Resets the time line.

Upon the Reset Frisk attempts to atone for their actions by doing the Pacifist run and succeeds. Things go exactly as a normal pacifist run up to when Asriel destroys the Barrier, this draws the attention of powers both good and evil. Then he restores life to all the people who's souls he used including the Six humans, this also accidentally bring Chara back to life as well.

The monsters have a feast to celebrate the destruction of the Barrier, giving much praise to Frisk as most do not remember the past timelines. Just as they are doing so Chara walks in and enraged at Frisk, a person they watched murder so meny, be praised as a pacifist, attacks them. This fight goes badly for both sides as Frisk is slashed across the face by Chara and Sans blasts Chara across the room nearly killing her before Asgore intervenes. Asgore takes Chara under his protection and abdicates the Throne to his ex-wife Toriel and effort to get her to see his point of view. The two Father and Daughter reunited then leave.

Chara and Asgore

One year passes as tensions between humans and monsters begin to rise. In an effort to bring peace to the situation a group from the Council of Magic, Lead by Olivia Volenza and Tyberius Innatarsh arrive to mediate the peace talks. Meanwile Chara and Asgore are living alone far away from the rest of the monsters. Other then Asgore having nightmares due to the guilt he felt over ordering the deaths of the six humans they lived in relative peace, until Chara finds and injured Jay in their garden.

As they nursed Jay back to health, the Guard Captain Undyne came to their shack. She originally came looking to hire a gardener but upon Finding out that he was Asgore her former king and father figure she begged him to return. Wile she fails to convince him to reclame the throne she is able to get him to come to a feast. Jay offering to watch Chara wile hes gone tells Chara several stories and Chara responds by telling her own. Upon hearing of her brothers misfortune he takes Chara to his old magic school to look for clues. While there they meet several interesting Characters including Olo Terraglyth, who tells them that their are dark things at work. Meanwhile Apthys is warned by her former mentor of a being know as Lady S.

Soon after Sans became enraged by the attack on his brother and swore revenge. He gave a speech to the monster people and many joined him in defeating what the believed was their greatest threat. Sans attacked Chara who tired from the content hate refused to fight, and was quickly brought down. As Sans attempted to finish off the child he was stopped by Jay. Soon Jay and Sans were locked in a fierce duel to the death which only ended when sans shot meny gaster Blasters at Chara and Jay blocked them knocking him unconscious. But Sans still was unable to strike down Chara as Asgore Appeared and destroyed his Blaster with his trident. The Defeated Sans Fled and the Chara, Asgore, and Jay fled to the latter's old home town the ancient city of Torisal. Once they reached the city they met the gaurdian of the town Nisir Savaî who allowed them to stay a few days in the Inn.