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Apathytale is an AU where everyone has the "judge" personality, or as most people would know it, the "sans" personality. The exception to this rule is Frisk, who is instead from Endertale.


  • Ender!Frisk (Endertale)
  • Apathy!Flowey (Apathytale)
  • Alter!Toriel (Altertale)
  • Interchangedswap!Napstablook (Interchangedswap)
  • Swap!Papyrus (Underswap)
  • Classic!Sans (Undertale)
  • Swaptwist!Undyne (Swaptwist)
  • Taletwist!Alphys (Taletwist)
  • Interchangedtale!Mettaton (Interchangedtale)
  • Changespin!Muffet (Changespin)
  • Alterswap!Asgore (Alterswap)
  • Storyswap!Asriel (Storyswap)
  • Shift!Chara (Storyshift)
  • Apathy!Gaster (Apathytale)