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Akintale is a AU that is close to classic Undertale but with some additional characters. The basic concept remains the same, monsters are trapped underground by humans and all characters remain in the same role.

This comic contains violence and themes unsuitable for children.

This AU now has it's own Wiki (though it is still being built and lots needs to be added.)

Characters present:

(the rest of the cast are present in the AU, this lists only characters with main changes)


Overworld sprites of the Starburst (Akin!) brothers.

Chara Blight

A creature that gives the player the option of violence. They hold the FIGHT button and change shape with the death of every main cast member.

Frisk Boon

A creature that gives the player the non violent option. The hold the MERCY button and change shape with every spared main cast.

Sam Pawn

The 'human' controlled by the player.


The added OC with a Loyal soul. He has a strong connection to this universe's skeleton brothers, more so to Sans. He is a shapeshifting creature that usually takes the form of a humanoid dog.

Comic Sans Gaster

Similar to classic Sans but with the connection to Ace. He still seems like he is lazy but it's actually exhaustion.

Papyrus Gaster

Has the facade of classic Papyrus, the real him is much more aware of the world. He gains the judge role if Sans dies or is blinded.

Wingding Gaster

Usually seen as part of the Wingding Diaries. He's Sans and Papyrus's father and the one that created the reality tear device that kidnapped Ace.


The following section of this page contains spoilers for the series as it is how I keep track of some of my plans. This means that even if you are up to date with the comic, you will still get spoiled so don't read on if you care.


Sam has completed several runs of the game before the comic series is set, including a True Pacifist. The run directly before the start of the comic is a genocide.

1st run (King Papyrus)

The intial run of the comic series starts with Sam, Frisk and Chara seeing Sans at his waterfall sentry post after killing Toriel and sparing Papyrus. They agree to meet him at Grillby's where they meet Ace. The dog explains why Sans always smiles before being thrown against the wall by the skeleton. Their following interaction shows their friendship. After Sam befriends Papyrus, he and Ace meet, showing Papyrus's facade. The run ends with a king Papyrus ending. Despite the run ending here, the first chapter of the comic continues post Sam 'leaving' the Underground and explains what happens in the Underground post Papyrus becoming king.

2nd run (genocide, YET TO OCCUR)

The 2nd run will follow a genocide route. The majority of the 2nd chapter in the comic will be the fight between Sam and Sans followed by the fight between Sam and Ace. The fights will be seperated into 3 distinct versions told from the perspectives of Sans, Ace and Chara.

3rd run (The Burst, YET TO OCCUR)

The 3rd chapter will follow the run after the Burst event during which the Skeleton brothers gain their starbursts and change outfit.

4th run and beyond

Yet to be planned.


The diaries are a mini series within Akintale which is told from the perspective of Wingding. It covers the backstory between Ace and Sans.


  • Gasters are a species of monster in Akintale, rather than the name of an individual. Gasters are a small group so they don't have individual surnames, they just use the species name instead.
  • The humans that fell before have set decades they fell in.
  • The human is called 'Sam' rather than Frisk.
  • Chara is a demonic enitity that acts as a narrator but demons aren't inherently evil beings, they simply encourage the freedom of choice and ask people to question why they follow rules.
  • Chara is not alone in the role of a narrator, they are joined by the angelic Frisk who would prefer the human not be given to option of doing evil.
  • On a TP route Chara is left in the underground alone with Asriel/Flowey unless a genocide has been commited prior. The genocide ties the SOUL to Chara so they remain tethered to the body rather than the underground.
  • A demonic dog like creature known as Ace Kanero is added to the group.
  • The additional character results in a series of ending changes.

Other notes:

Sans and Papyrus are aware of resets but lack full cognitive memory of the previous route. They instead get bits and pieces of events based in dreams and nightmares. As much as the other characters get deja vu, they aren't aware of what causes it. They gain full memory of resets and loads post Bursting.

Sans and Asgore are aware of the load function and get a sense of deja vu but have no actual memory of what had just happened. Papyrus and the other cast lacks the load.

W.D. Gaster is Sans and Papyrus's father, he creates the device which initially drags Ace into the Akintale universe when he and Sans are children. W.D. refers to Sans as Comic which is his real first name. Sans's rejection of his first name comes from a hatred of his father.

This Sans's mouth doesn't open at all. Wingding broke the lower half of Sans's face and glued it back together in the shape of a permanent smile so Toriel and Asgore would not ask why the child was unhappy. Due to this, he consumes only liquids which is why he is seen drinking ketchup.

Due to Ace (a non-game world enitity) being present in the realm, it is immune to script and hacking based characters and attacks.

This is an young AU with only around 10 parts but is updated fairly regularly.