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From the Wheel of Fate: A Whole New World...?, originally titled "Entry Number #74: Randomizer Roulette", is an AU that is a crossover between Undertale, and its official spinoff, Deltarune. This universe swaps characters' roles while keeping most of their personalities intact. It is mainly inspired by Pinklovely's AU, "Random Role-lette". The switches are done by a wheel on the website Wheel Decide (hence the first sentence in the title, "From the Wheel of Fate"), officially created by the author. It will be a sprite webcomic, although that may be subject to change.

There is no confirmed plot yet, until the author can think of one. A prototype is that it will be a story about Flowey, who was somehow sent to a different underground by accident, and will have to get out of this timeline as soon as possible. The plot will be revealed when all of the concepts for the AU (specifically; characters, locations, and swaps) are finished.

Confirmed/official swaps

Note: This list is currently unfinished.

  • Flowey with Frisk
  • Clover with Toriel
  • Sans with Asgore
  • Mettaton with Susie
  • Gaster with Jevil
  • Undyne with Rouxls
  • Chara with Kris
  • Seam with Lancer
  • Annoying Dog with C. Round (also known as K. Round)


These will only list the characters I thought of writing bios of.

Undertale characters


Flowey (Asriel Dreemurr in his previous goat form), is the "playable protagonist". He is not explicitly considered to be a protagonist, as he does not plan to do any heroic things. Unlike his canon counterpart, Flowey does not manipulate people (like Frisk) for a short time; he instead tries to act nice, but sometimes can be a jerk (because he can't help it, and also out of his own stress as he can't get used to this alternate underground). Also, although he believes that "in this world, it's kill or be killed", that doesn't mean he'll hesitate to spare monsters if he wanted to. Since he lacks hands (or leaves that serve as hands), he probably cannot equip new weapons and will only fight with his bullets, forming rings with them to hurt enemies. However, he'll try his best to properly wear armor...even if it's unfortunately bigger than him.


Frisk is the first human that Flowey meets, and becomes his partner (as well as the first party member to join in on his journey). Despite the fact that they have his role, they prefer not to be antagonistic, like being power-hungry. They serve as a guide in the underground; who can be willing to help anyone if needed, as long as they are respectful and kind to them. They have kind-hearted intentions but also can be sassy and blunt. They also wouldn't hesitate to hurt anyone if needed, as they do not plan to be a complete pacifist; although, they would only harm a few. They also use a stick as a weapon.


Asgore is Toriel's husband, the owner of his own store, "Flower King" (like in Deltarune), as well as an apprentice comedian. He tries to be funny, but constantly has no idea how to make a proper joke, so Sans helped him with that. Still, he attempts his hardest to do a pun, but chances are unfortunately rare as a result. When he takes his necessary breaks from his job, he has also thought about accepting to join Flowey's party, as a suggestion from Frisk (although they said he can be with them if needed). Even if he is not a king, he still has his red trident for a weapon.


Chara is the second adopted child of the Dreemurrs, and the second human Flowey meets. Chara dons hard, steel armor and a wooden blade styled and named after Excalibur, the sword of Arthurian legend. They are also an actor, with their only role as the main protagonist of the show "My Middle School Story"; a prankster who also desires to be a brave knight in shining armor. When they're not doing their job, they usually are practicing to become a strong warrior, capable of constantly slashing (ghost-less) dummies to fluffy shreds. It is also a way to cope after they went to the underground since they hated humanity, resulting them into a child who can be grumpy somewhat easily. They also can be mischievous, like stealing a bar of chocolate or having some cinnamon-butterscotch pie for themselves.


Undyne, despite her outfit making her look like a casually normal individual, is the duchess of puzzles; she refers to herself as a "duke" however because, according to her wacky beliefs, makes her seem cooler. Her puzzles all involve violence, difficulty and japes in a way; with each of them getting more deadly as Flowey and co. move on after one's solved. Her rather plain fashion sense is the closest she can get to be like Rouxls, as she will refuse to speak in old English or collect worms. She is partners with Rouxls Kaard, despite their differences and failures to be each other, as well as his coach, and was forced to run his shop too as his friend.

Deltarune characters


Clover is the caretaker of the Ruins. She is a three-headed, dragon-like monster, and each head has a different, distinct personality, like in canon (one optimistic, one rude and one neutral). Being one considered to "make situations awkward" is how to explain what her reputation is to the rest of the Ruins' monsters, as the heads can of course, get into arguments with each other, that at least doesn't drag out for too long. Needless to say, she'll probably make an "awkward mother-figure" too. Despite those heads' contrasting natures, she's always attempted her best to keep things civil, especially the optimistic one.

Rouxls Kaard

Rouxls Kaard is part of the Royal Guard, as a captain-in-training due to his inability to fight with spears, no matter how hard Undyne has taught him to be skilled in doing so. Because of his incompetence, he may be considered as the only member who's the least dangerous when he plans on getting anyone in a FIGHT. Though, it does not mean he'll give up actively seeking out to kill some individuals. Rouxls gave up teaching Undyne how to act like him, as she believes no one will take her seriously because of it. He also runs a shop like in Deltarune; but it lacks a name much to her chagrin.


Susie is best known on television watchers alike for her attempts at black comedy, as well as rude humor; to the extent that even the game shows she hosts are real tough. She loves her job as she believes it's an excuse to make what she considers crude jokes and use sharp axes. At first, when she was hired as an entertainer, she wasn't very good at unscripted speeches and had to be given a script, helped by her to make sure it sounds like some things she'd say. She was helped by Mettaton. Unlike Mettaton, she can't transform to her "secondary version", so Alphys built an exclusive suit with that feature, modeled after his box form.

Other characters

Characters that do not have much information to be worthy of their own sections.

  • Toriel is Asgore's husband, and his assistant at his own shop, "Flower King". Besides helping him, she also sells pies (which come in the flavors of butterscotch, cinnamon or both) for a somewhat cheap price. It is heard that she refused being given the job to defeat heroes, as in those who come in her way.
  • Mettaton is a robot who is also a popular actor amongst various individuals alike (many, to be specific). He is the main "villainous protagonist" of a show called "My Middle School Story" (that he created, since he came up with the concept), where he plays the role as the "rather pretentious and pompous school bully"; and in the medieval parts, the "elegant but dangerous warrior". His own character in aforementioned show is also his only TV show role, besides how notable it is.
  • Etimme (pronounced ɛtim/eh-teem) is a Temmie who decided to dress up as Ralsei, self-proclaiming to be the "dark princess". She somehow also learnt magic. A Ralsei most likely taught her to do so. However, they're more simple than what he can do, and are unable to pacify enemies.
  • Ralseis are residents of the Castle Town, and the only known inhabitants there. One has his own shop called "Ralsei's Goods". It is unknown how there are more than one, and the reason may never be known.
  • Gaster was formerly known as the court jester, and is currently hiding in his own slightly-secret home; his own basement. He quit his job for his own "personal reasons", but still has the respective outfit on; it is confirmed that he's too lazy to even get on his casual clothes. Despite the fact he is well-spoken, it does not mean he is also goofy and wouldn't mind having fun (like "playing games") with people.
  • Kris is the first adopted child of the Dreemurrs, and Chara's older sibling. They are an emotionless teenager (for the most part), but also can pull up a few pranks at others. Kris is also not very talkative, as they don't want to be quite social. They died of an unknown illness which Toriel, Asgore, and Chara failed to fully cure. As Flowey most likely won't plan on committing a genocide route, they're the only character who barely has a role. Though, even if he does, they will only shame him for what he's done.
  • Jevil was a scientist, who, like in Deltarune, enjoys being silly and show off some chaos. He accidentally fell into the Core when he planned "the best prank ever". Despite the fact that the world simply went on as if he never existed, Asgore's an exception as he still might remember him.


  • As a concept, this may be a timeline where the war of humans and monsters never happened.
  • Locations in both games will be swapped as well.
  • Elements like textboxes and the battle system may be a combination of those from both Undertale and Deltarune.


  • The AU's name had to be changed because it was too similar to Pinklovely's, despite the former name being a coincidence.