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AUversal Lockdown is a self-insert AU created by Mildred. It is based on a AU hell Discord Server.


Many characters in AUversal Lockdown are either Undertale AU creators, Musicians or Spriters.

Major Roles

  • CORE account is The empty one/soulless angel
  • Frisk remains The protagonist
  • LucasPucas is The fallen
  • Emma is The recluse
  • Fours is The caretaker
  • Mildred is The judge
  • Dorked is The ambitious
  • Goshenar is The royal guard captain
  • Leo is The royal scienctist
  • Juddy is The celebrity
  • Pat is The monarch

Minor Roles

  • Engie is The ruins shopkeeper (New Role)
  • Tyler is The blind
  • Cal & Cerulean are The canine pair
  • Tile is The pettable
  • Keno is The playful
  • Jario is The bravery shopkeeper
  • Simplerips is The perseverance shopkeeper
  • Kitts is The chaotic villager
  • PineWSun & Vital are The enraged
  • Mamar11 is The restaurant owner
  • Gaz is The idoliser
  • Void Mercenaries (Specter, Crash and Lonne) are The blockades
  • Allstarr is The oppressed vendor
  • FMS is The RestAUrant owner (New Role)
  • Krysys and Spence are The trash vendors
  • Starfury is The secret boss
  • ThomasThePencil is The artist
  • Aquapower is The transport