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7SinsTale is an AU where the 7 main characters are portrayed as the seven Sins. each relying on their unusual powers to defend their kingdom and their human princess Frisk. Chara is the prince of Humanity.


During the great war between humans and monsters a great cavern made between the two kingdoms by Asgore, the sin of Wrath. Years passed, the treaty signed, and everyone living peacefully. But when a new threat emerges from Humanity the seven heroes must defend their kingdom against DETERMINATION.

This story will NOT have any reference to The Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga, I have seen the anime so I know what to avoid when writing the story.


  • Sans- Sloth
  • Papyrus- Gluttony
  • Toriel- Greed
  • Asgore- Wrath
  • Undyne- Pride
  • Alphys- Envy
  • Mettaton- Lust
  • Frisk- Princess of Time
  • Chara- Prince of Files